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We let affection go unspoken and let our love go unexpressed

We can’t find right words that would describe as perfectly as how we feel

Because love is eternal and pure without violent demonstrations

Love is seen not with eyes, but with heart

I never knew how to love until I met you

Did I love you because you are beautiful?

Or are you beautiful because I love you?

Let me say it why because only one thing can explained it

I love you


It’s You


Love In The Ice

Disclaimer: Yunho and Taemin arent mine
Pairing: Yunho/Taemin
Rating: Pg-13
Summary:  Taemin is mad with Yunho cause he choose Minho then him, to help him at the kiss and cry program but, Yunho really know how to cool the fire down, with some ice of course. (weird summary i know)
A/N: annyeong this is author choon :3 new author :D? nice to meet you all hopefully this fic is good enough >___< and comment are loved :DDD lets spread yuntae loveee

fanfic by: choon_hee

“Please solve that moody person please.”

“Thank you Key-sshi.”

Yunho walked to lonely person at the corner, sulking and pouting so cutely which is only him that know why. “Baby.. Stop pouting, you looks so irresistible” Yunho asked the pouting teen, encased him in his arm. “Go away..” Taemin pushed his boyfriend lightly but, strong enough to release him from the older teen grasp.

“Aaaw, why you’re doing that?” asked Yunho again. The younger teen just walks away, trying to keep his distance with the older. He sit on the sofa and hide his pouting face with the pillow. Yunho can’t keep his eyes off of him, he’s just so cute, thought him. “I’m jealous..” mumbling Taemin, loud enough to be heard by Yunho. Yunho sit on the same sofa with him, teasing him a bit. “What was you said?” asked him.
Taemin blushed with the question, dip his head into the pillow more, “I’m jealous!!! You jerk!!” He shouted through the pillow and Yunho just can let a small laugh escape his mouth before pushing his boyfriend shoulder. Taemin yelped with the sudden touch, Yunho make him leaned his head to his shoulder, a small paint of blush, showed on Taemin cheeks. “Why you have to be jealous? You’re the only one I love.” said Yunho, caressing his boyfriend soft hair.

“Why you choose Minho hyung than me…”

“Humm? Did you said something minnie?”

Taemin choose to ignore him and let Yunho hug him, he really miss his boyfriend. With the hectic schedule he have and the japan promotion, it’s so hard to get the times to be with his boyfriend and, when he came to korea, some news already spreading at the company that he will perform with Minho at the kiss and cry program. He can’t hide the jealousy, why his boyfriend has to perform with the other shine member but not him.

Yunho know what happen to Taemin, what was the other thought, what the other feel he already know it. “I didn’t choose you because I don’t want to do that with you.” Yunho know his words can mean anything for Taemin, he just hug Taemin tightly. “But.. why? I can’t do skate..”  Yunho put his finger on Taemin mouth cutting his words. “I’m not done, I know you can but, still I don’t want to do it with you.” He said smiling, love how Taemin react and pouting.

“Hey, don’t be mad.” Yunho said when Taemin push him, walk away from him. “Let’s go somewhere.” Yunho grab Taemin hand immediately before the other teen walks further. “Yaah, let me go.” Taein try to pull his hand but, not strong enough to make Yunho release his hand. “Nope, you’ve to go with me.” said Yunho in a sing a song tone.


“This is count as a kidnap. I’ll tell Kibum umma. ” Whined Taemin at the car, Yunho succeed to forced him to go with him with the banana milk power. “Well blame the banana milk then.” Yunho laughed while Taemin just sighed and look annoyed with his boyfriend. “I’m mad to you.” He said, puffing his cheeks and look away. “It’s okay as long as you love me.” Tease Yunho, he know Taemin is blushing very hard right know from the way he hide his face from him.

The ride continues in silent and Yunho happy voice until they arrived at some ice skate place. “Where are we?” asked Taemin confused with the size of the building, it’s so big and he never go to this place before. “Just follow me.” Yunho lead his boyfriend, Taemin can’t stop admiring the inside of the building, so big, white and he can see such a big ice rink.

“I supposed to practice with Claudia today but she has to do something so I decided to practice with you since, you said you can skate.”

“aah.. Yes okay..” said Taemin stuttered. After they take the skate shoes they wear it immediately, well Yunho is but, Taemin just stand in front of him, confused. “What are you doing? Don’t just stand there, sit here and wear it.”  Yunho look at Taemin face before said. “You don’t know how to wear it?” asked Yunho. “I know, I just don’t know how to tide it.” Yunho chuckled with Taemin answer.

“Here, let me help you.” He let Taemin sit, and kneeled in front of him, tying the shoelace. The other teen cheeks start to turn red, the anger that he feel before start to disappear slowly, he’s so weak when Yunho show his manly side. “Here done.” Yunho said, look at the knot once more, checking if it’s already tied perfectly.

“Thank.. Thank you..”

“You’re welcome, let’s come to the rink.” Like a professional skater Yunho is, he slide easily, like how he walks usually. “hng? What are you doing there Taemin, come here.”  Yunho called his boyfriend who looks confused. He come to him, grab his hand and ready to slide to the center of the rink. “YAAH!! Wait!” Taemin screamed, fall forward straight to Yunho chest.

Taemin try to stand but, failed fortunately Yunho catch him. “You said you can skate.” Tease Yunho when Taemin grip his hand tightly. “Aa.. just just shut up.” He said, embarrassed. “Let’s go to the side, so you can hold the bar.” Yunho help Taemin walks but, it’s failed. Well it isn’t failed just Taemin take a really short pace. “Huwaaa, what are you doing?”  Taemin surprised when Yunho lift him bridal style.

“You’re too slow, it’ll take forever, let me help you until you reach there.” Taemin can’t say anything, he just clutched into Yunho shirt. “Just don’t drop me.” He said, receiving a small laugh from Yunho.  “ I won’t dear.” he said, walks to the side slowly, he like it when Taemin act like a child like this, so cute he thought.

Taemin down slowly, still hold onto Yunho hand. “You never skate don’t you?” asked Yunho, seeing Taemin hold the bar tightly. “I do skate, it just the ice is too slippery.” Pout Taemin but, still hold the bar tightly, just make him cute even more. “Are you telling me the truth?” Taemin avoid Yunho gaze before he sighed.

“I can’t skate.”


“Don’t laugh!!” whined Taemin ready to punch Yunho chest lightly but he forget where they’re now. he slipped and fall into Yunho chest again. “Sorry.. sorry.. it just I never thought that you can’t skate, I mean you’re the dancer in the shinee , skate is about balance, so I’m a little surprised.” Yunho help the other teen stand up again.

“Sorry for not be like you, I’m just a normal dancer, not an almighty like Kibum or athletic like Minho or perfect like you.”  Pouted Taemin. He try to hold the bar again, he walk slowly with holding Yunho hand as his support “Hold me please.” Taemin closed his eyes, still clutching to Yunho. “How if I help you to skate today, just until you can walk and don’t need the bar to help you stand again.” Yunho offered his hopeless boyfriend.

Taemin nodded his head, excited and worried.  Excited that his boyfriend will teach him how to skate and worried, can he do that in one day? “Okay so its settle, I’ll teach my lovely Taemin today.” Yunho stand beside Taemin, hold him on his waist. “First, you’ve to keep your balance, that’s the main point.” told Yunho.

Taemin try to sand and keep his balance but, his legs keep wobbling it’s like his legs can’t hold his weight. “I.. I can’t hyung.” said Him almost cry. “I know you can, just imagine that you’re standing on the street.” Encourage Yunho to his boyfriend. “I don’t use these shoes when I’m walk on the street.”

“heels, just imagine you use it.”

“But.. I nev..”  “Trust me it’ll work.” Yunho cut Taemin words even before he finished it. Taemin close his eyes, trying to remember how it feel when he being forced to use the snsd noonas shoes. “I can hyung, look.” He said happily. Yunho watch his boyfriend, smiling. He slide from his boyfriend side so, he’s in front of him now. “Now, move your leg slowly, then with the power the blades give to you when it touch the ice stay calm and keep the balance, don’t forget that.”

Taemin try to do what Yunho said, but he still afraid. “I’ll help you.” Yunho come closer to Taemin then hold his hand. “Now walk slowly, follow my pace, and don’t be afraid okay.” Yunho walk backward, slowly. Luckily, it’s empty and just two of them here. “hyung slower.” Said Taemin, he still don’t get used to it. Sometimes he stumbles because the blades keep sticking to the ice.

With patient Yunho teach Taemin until he can walk normally on the ice. “I think you can walk alone now.” said Yunho seeing Taemin progression.  “Let’s see, come to me Taemin.” Yunho walk farther so there’re some distance between them.

“It’s too far.”

“No it isn’t, come one I know you can.”

Taemin move his legs, like what Yunho teach him earlier, when he get the pace, he started to push himself, and come to Yunho. Yunho wait him with his arm opened wide, like a dad who’s waiting his baby to come to his arms. Taemin grab Yunho hand immediately, closing the distance between them. “I can hyung, yeay, did you see it.” Taemin said happily. Yunho stroke the other teen hair, praised him. “Yeah I see it Taemin .” He pinch his boyfriend cheeks receiving a giggle from the latter.


“Taemin slow down, you’ll fall.” Yunho said, watching his playful boyfriend skating around the rink. “I won’t hyuung, this is so fuun, look I can jump hyung. “ Taemin walk and jump to Yunho, didn’t bother with the other teen words. He jump beautifully make Yunho opened his mouth, surprised but, when he landed his legs, its start to unstable and crashed to Yunho.

“Aaaw, that hurts..”

Taemin opened his head and realized what an awkward position , he was on top Yinho, with his hands on his chest, and his legs between Yunho tight. He can’t control the blush neither Yunho both of them face are red. “Aaa.. Mianhae..” said him stuttered. He try to stand up but failed and land on Yunho chest again.

Yunho help him sit first, kiss him on the mouth. “That’s why I don’t want to do the program with you.. I won’t practice if I’m with you.” He said. Taemin cheeks feel so hot, don’t know what to say or do. Yunho stand up first then lowered his hand, give Taemin help. “Aawaw.” Taemin falls again  to the ice, touching his left leg.

“What happened?”

“I.. I don’t know my leg hurt.”

Yunho lowered himself, chechking Taemin leg. It’s red and a bit swollen, he assume that Taemin just sprained his leg. “It’s sprained.” Tell Yunho. Taemin winced in pain when he touch his legs. “If we keep this, it’ll worst.” Yunho give his back to Taemin, telling him lean on him. “Just ride my back.” Told Yunho.


“It’s okay, you don’t want it to stop you dance for several month right?” Taemin decided to get a long with Yunho words. He feels a little bit embarrassed, yunho just give him a piggy ride back and he’s so happy inside. “I’m sorry.” Mumble him

“It’s still hurt?” asked Yunho concerned, Taemin nodded his head, still can’t look at yunho straight to his eyes.  “I want to take you diner tonight but, I think we’ve to go home, looking at your condition.” Explain Yunho. Yunho was piggy ride Taemin to the car, placing him gently on the passenger seat before went to his driver seat. “I’m sorry hyung.”


Yunho looks at the silent teen, confused before smiling and ruffling the other teen hair. “It’s okay Taemin, we still can do it later.” Taemin feel so bad inside just if he listen to what Yunho said, maybe they still can enjoy some romantic dinner tonight. “Beside we still done our date today, that’s the important thing.” Said Yunho kissed the other temple.


“Hyung..” Taemin voice break, Yunho concentration on the road. “Yeah?” answered Yunho, with his eyes still focus on the road. Taemin gripped his hands tightly, confused if he should ask the question to Yunho or no. “Uhm.. why you don’t want to do the skate with me? Are you afraid if we’re losing? Taemin is afraid with what his boyfriend will say, he’s afraid to be hurt by his boyfriend answer.


He turns his head to his boyfriend immediately, can’t believe what just his boyfriend said. “No? are you sure? Why? Is your head hurt when we fall?” Taemin touch Yunho temple, checking if he was okay. Yunho chuckled with his boyfriend antics, removing his hand from his temple.  “I’m okay Taeminnie, dear.” He said in a teasing voice. The said teen blushed with his boyfriend pet name.

“Then why?”

“You really want to know?”

Taemin nodded in excited, Yunho stopped at the side of road, making the younger teen confused. “I don’t care if I win or not if I’m with you, I don’t care if you fall or not.. cause I know I won’t concentrate on the competition either.” told him.


“because… “

“Becausee?” Taemin imitate Yunho words, getting impatient with Yunho .  suddenly he feel a pairs of lips on his plump lips. Yunho was kissing him there, softly and lightly. “When I’m with you I just want to enjoy it, just the two of us without anyone watching or hoping something on our hands. Because being with you are so special for me. Cause..”

A red blush painted on Taemin cheeks when Yunho move closer to him, there isn’t any space between them.  Another light kiss and another heartbeat can he feels. “Cause you’re so precious for me Lee Taemin.”

“Because I love you… I love you soo much more than you think.”

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