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Like In Heaven

by kimiejungie

Warning : Yunho x Taemin (Yuntae) fanfic

by : BoongieJoongie

dont read if you don’t like this pairing

“Your lips red as cherries, can i try how does it tastes?”

Taemin closed his eyes, yunho suck those lips with lust, “ehmm” Yunho put his tongue into Taemin’s mouth, tracing every crack of his oral cavity

feels not enough, yunho start to suck his tongue, making the little guy limp when their kiss become hotter,Taemin felt his legs weaker, he rest him self on the sofa

“only a kiss and you become like this?” yunho said teased the little guy.

Taemin throw pillows beside him “you’re used to kiss the girls, while I don’t! Stop tease me hyung!”

“Of course not my little prince” yunho pinched taemin’s cheek “So, you want us to continue or not?”

Taemin silent

It has been seven months since they were dated, and they haven’t done anything

is not because I don’t want to, but its because I’m scared

Didn’t hear any answers, yunho moved away, he didn’t want to do things that Taemin dislike, although in his heart he really wanted to touch Taemin further

“I’m going to make strawberry juice for you”

Yunho hadn’t make any step when Taemin pull his arm, “you dont have to make juice cause my lips already taste like strawberry “

Taemin cheeks flushed, he didn’t dare to look at yunho “I want you hyung”

Yunho hugged taemin, he held that tiny boy in his muscular arms,bring him to his room

Taemin laying on the bed, yunho caressed his cheek “You’re so beautiful, I’m so lucky to have you”

“Owned by a greatman like you, its like having all the happiness in the world hyung”

yunho kissed taemin’s cheek, then kissed his lips, Yunho made kiss mark on his neck

“Uhhnnn ” taemin moaned when yunho sucked his nipples “fans will notice if you keep marking me with your hickeys “

“they have to know that you are mine”

Taemin feel ticklish when Yunho kissed his belly, now Taemin half-naked, Yunho tracing taemin’s lower body and put his hands on taemin’s zipper.

“Hyung?” Taemin feel hesitated when Yunho try to open his jeans

“Its okay tae, you will like it honey”

Taemin feel like in heaven, sensation he never felt before when yunho sucked his cock, yunho playing with his tongue at the tip of his cock,and keep pumping like a thirsty baby searching for milk but in this case its not milk, but sperm “Un..” taemin bited his lips

“Don’t bite your lips, let me hear your voice tae” Yunho grabbed taemin’s hand so he can’t cover his mouth anymore.

Taemin couldn’t restrain his voice, when Yunho faster his movement, up and down, suck until the deepest part like hungry beast.

“Argh.. “Taemin scream so loud when the sperm out of his cock, yunho drink it all, don’t let any drop down wasted, Taemin gasping, sweating all over his body, he never felt pleasure like this

yunho lick sperm that left in his hands “Is it really taste that goods hyung?” ask Taemin curiously

“Its yours of course its delicious” Taemin woke up from his bed “I also want to try it”

“But tae..” he ignored yunho and keep unzipping yunho’s pants,he gulp when he see how big yunho cock is .

Can it fit in my mouth?

“Dont force yourself tae ..”he grabbed yunho cock and put it in his small mouth,yunho know that this taemin first experience perform oral sex.

yunho sometimes had to bite his fingers because feeling pain everytime taemin teeth hit his cock, but he can’t say “It hurts” it would make taemin sad

Yunho imagine how nice if he could fuck taemin face right now, forgeting how taemin’s feel and just make him gag because his cock size that forced to fit his small mouth, he used to do that, had rough sex with women or men without considering whether his partner feel satisfied or not, he really didn’t care as long as he feel good. But not with Taemin, this little maknae, changed him, yunho treated him like a fragile glasses, that easy broken so he have to take care it with full protection, treat him like a prince who precious more than diamond or gold, he is a light that shinning in the dark, Yunho always feel empty before but since taemin come into his life, he feel completed, he really love taemin, he will do anything to make taemin happy.

Taemin still trying hard to suck his penis, yunho try to hold his smile when he see how persistent taemin to make him feel good too

“Enough tae..” yunho hold taemin chin and leaned closer to his lips “Its not good isn’t it?” ask taemin with teary eyes

“No,you are so good thats why i think i can’t hold it any longer to put this things inside you” yunho pointed at his big hard cock

Oh god it is even bigger than before

Now yunho is on top of his lover “are you sure with this tae?” Taemin nodded his head, yunho took the lubricant and condoms in the drawer beside his bed

“No condoms hyung, i want to feel all of you “yunho shocked with his lovers demand, he never have sex without condom before, ‘play safe’ ,that his motto,but he can’t reject Taemin, he really want that pretty boy so badly, he didnt care anything else now.

Since this is Taemin first time, yunho have to make sure to strech him first, he pour the lubricant around Taemin ass hole then insert one finger into his ass, Taemin’s body is shaking,Yunho added one more finger “you have hard on again tae, just using my fingers makes you want to cum?” tease yunho again. He keep scissoring taemin ass.

“Ah.. no.. hyung just fuck me!!”yunho stop his movement “He lifted taemin’s legs and put in his waist “breath tae..”

“ughhh …”Taemin drop his tears as Yunho started to push that big hard cock inside him, realized that it hurts taemin, yunho pull out his cock.

“Don’t stop hyung, i’m fine,just give me more minutes to accustomed with it”

Yunho don’t want to continue it at first but taemin convince him again that he is okay

“Please tell me if its hurts” Yunho did not want to insert his cock deeper, because only tip of his cock, can make taemin cry, he can’t imagine what will happened if he continue to push all his cock inside taemin

“Tae, if you want to stop, you just simply tell me okay? i dont want to force you, i can wait until you really ready for this”

Taemin look at his lover eyes, make sure that he is fine “I really want to be yours hyung, don’t stop, i’m okay ” taemin’s try to control his breath

God, I just have to breathe, this pain will go away

“Tae honey,…my funny bunny..” yunho kiss younger man lips,he rubbed his head, help taemin to rilex, and its work,yunho push his cock slowly and everytime taemin looks in pain,yunho will slow down his movements.

so damn tight, yunho can felt taemin’s ass squeezed him,”God, relax Tae, open your ass more, i’m gonna move now” yunho start fucking that little hole, thrusting slowly, he want to move fast but its impossible cause if he do that he will tear taemin apart.

“Uhnn ” taemin moaned , “there..yes”

“Here?” yunho put his cock deeper and hit that spot again “yes..there” Taemin put his arms around yunho shoulders

Yunho smiled when he saw his boyfriend’s erotic face every time he hits that prostate gland spot, Taemin begin to enjoy this sex, now his lover must be feel more pleasure and less pain, but yunho can’t push all of his cock into that small hole, the size of his cock is too large, and for beginners like Taemin it won’t fit yet

“You want to come?” taemin nodded, he cover his face “Look at me tae, i want to see your expression when you come”

Taemin let Yunho saw his face, so erotic, cheeck flushed, wet lips, gasping breath,gosh i cant take it anymore

Yunho thrusting his cock deeper a few more thrust then end it with long thrust.

“ahhh” both of them screamed, yunho come inside taemin’s body, he shoot until the last cum, its dripping from taemin’s hole.

I never thought I can come so much like this

Both of them cover by sperm right now. Hard breathing.

Yunho flashback his memory about how good he feels when his lovers ass twitching around his cock just before he come for second time, taemin ass totally clingin on to his cock like it didn’t let yunho cock to go away.

Yunho clean sperm from their bodies with blanket, then rest beside taemin,his lover still try to catch up his breath, yunho take little man to rest in his arms

“I’m sorry i hurts you” he said with sparkling eyes. Taemin kiss yunho’s hand, then put on his chest

“No hyung i like it, i’m glad that you are the one who took my virginity”

Yunho hugged him, all my life i never think about having serious relationship with someone,making love without love, just have sex to get biological satisfaction,but why different now? Taemin changed me, now i know what it means to love someone, how good it feel to make love with someone you truly love. I really love him, but I realized that Taemin still very young, his still has long journey, there is many chances that he met a beautiful girls and fell in love with one of them, or he meet a man who is more handsome and better than me.

What will i do if that happened? i dont want to lose this little angel, I love him with all my life, will I accept it to see him with another person one day? Guess I have karma now, I never know that its so hurts to have this feeling. fear of losing their beloved ones

Taemin staring at yunho, “Hyung..” taemin staring at him tenderly

“You’re very famous among the beautiful girl, maybe you’ll leave me and marry one of them one day” His voice tremble “ If that happens I’ll be very sad, i’ll spend my whole life crying for you”

Yunho smiled and pinched his boyfriend’s nose, “I’m not going to leave you tae, I will always love you forever, even if you don’t love me anymore”

He has similar thought like mine, he is afraid of losing me too.

“Promise?” ask Taemin

“I promise” both joined their pinkies, yunho smile and kiss his lover eyelid.

we were both afraid of losing, we were both too much in love, there will be many obstacles later but as long as we’re together I’m sure everything is gonna be alright, eventhough I knew this love is forbidden but I’ll spend my life to fight for this love, even it took forever.

[FanFic] Our Happiness

Disclaimer: I don’t own the character just the plot
Pairing: Yuntae
Rating: Pg-13
Summary: sometime you don’t need to sacrificing anything to get your happiness just believe and try.
A/N: my first post so please be nice ><

There are two figures sitting at the middle of bed. The older from them is hugging the smaller teen in his arm, from how people look it, defiantly they will thing that the two is a lover. How the older embracing the other lovingly looks didn’t want to let him go.” Taemin” called the older teen, to his lover in his arm. The called teen titled his head, showing his pretty blue eyes, to his lover.

“Nee, Yunho hyung?” answered him. Yunho just say nothing he even hug his little love tightly. They already were being like this for an hour. How Yunho like this simple affection from his lover. “Yunho hyung.” Taemin called his lover name.

Yunho hummed on Taemin head, answering his call. “I’ve just watch your new mv and.” Yunho was worried about his and Ara act, he’s afraid that Taemin will get jealous. “I must say.. I’m amazed.” Yunho was surprised when Taemin said that, just said that. “Uhmm.. thanks? That’s all?” Taemin nodded his head, confused when Yunho asked him back. “Is something wrong hyung?”

“Don’t you feel jealous..” Yunho was embarrassed with his own question but, he didn’t want Taemin to get angry later. A small laugh comes from Taemin small mouth. “Of course I feel jealous but, I know you only love me. And it isn’t like I can’t do it.” Taemin planted a small kiss on Yunho cheek.

Yunho eyes opened wide can’t believe what happen. A smile comes across his face. “You’re just unbelievable.” He said kissing Taemin cheek, repaid the kiss on his cheek. They continuing the hug, Taemin like being hug by Yunho big hand, embracing him with his warmth.


“Hmm what, just wondering… what would you do if you’re being the brother at your mv and I’m your dead sister?” after watching his lover group mv, it’s really touching his heart. “will you save me? even If you have to sacrifice your friends?” asked Taemin. Yunho know it’s just the emotion that played his lover but, deep down it can affect their relationship.

“I won’t lie Taemin, I won’t sacrifice my friends.” Yunho look into Taemin eyes, there aren’t the feel of hurt or betrayed. “I’ll find away to save you without betraying anyone, without sacrificing anyone.” He get a warm hug from his boyfriend when he finished his words. Something far from his imaged. “I love you.” Was just Taemin said.

“You aren’t mad?” asked Yunho again. Taemin just shake his head, give a no answer, amazed Yunho. “I know you don’t want to make me mad but, I’ll more appreciate if you answered it just like the way you’re.” Taemin smiled. “I know you’ll try to get everyone happy, without sacrificing anything and, that’s why I love you Jung Yunho.”

Yunho smiled, pushing his lover slowly to the soft mattress. Kissing him sweetly, “I love you Lee Taemin. You always amazed me do you know that.” he said, while Taemin just giggled with his boyfriend corny words. The dim lights support the intense atmosphere between them. Slowly Taemin hand move to Yunho head, push it into a sweet kiss.

“Just never stop to loving me.”

“I won’t, I won’t Taemin.”

storyfic by choon~