Sumarry :

When war happened in South  Korea




Pairing :

Yunho/ Taemin



Author : Boongie XD



Chapter 1/2



“What’s your name?” taemin startled when he heard the other man voice coming from the corner in the dark room. It felt like a dream as taemin curled his body, hugging his knees in the corners of small room which he believed that it was prison. He doesn’t understand how comes he ended here, he just remember the gun voice, fire, bomb exploded and blood in everywhere before he passed out and wake up here. As reality sank in, he turned his face to see a man with black hair, suited in soldier uniform, his face soaked with blood, one of the man’s eyes was black and looked to be swollen shut.




Taemin can see more blood drying on his suit. “Yunho. Jung Yunho” he said with a cracking voice. Taemin bit his lip for a moment before answer him.




“I won’t hurt you”..” He said after saw taemin staring at his wounds.


“You’re soldier?”




Taemin cleared his throat “Why are you here?”


“Just a bad luck” he said smiling bitterly, taemin can saw pain in yunho’s eyes as the other man clutched his hand on his chest. Taemin realized that the man lied to him, he must be had serious injury beneath that clothes.


“And why are you here taemin?”


Taemin didn’t look up at him, his chin tucked against his chest “They caught me when my family tried to run away“



Yunho saw taemin open his mouth before closing it again, there was a sudden look of fear and nausea that overtook his face.



“What about your family?” Yunho finally asked. Yunho noticed the boy flinch at the sudden words before looking up at Yunho slowly.



There was paused for a moment before taemin rolled over his body to facing the wall and closed his eyes “They kill them all..i don’t know why they didn’t kill me”



“I..I’m sorry for your lost”



Yunho got no answer but he knows that the boy was secretly crying. Yunho could imagine those fresh tears sliding down the boy’s face.




It was really stressful to put in dark and small room, taemin miss the sun light, he missed the way the wind touch his face. He missed his family, but they are gone. They killed his family and the cruelest thing is they let taemin live, alone and suffer in prison.




“Taemin..” he heard the man calling his name. “What is your hobby?” taemin glanced at the soldier but quickly returning his gaze to the metal bars. “Before become soldier I really love to sing.. I thought I’m going to be a singer instead of holding gun but then..”



“Stop!” yunho heard the boy screamed at him, tear is ready to running down the boy’s pale cheek “I don’t want to know about your goddamn hobby! I don’t want to talk! Don’t you realize it!”



Taemin saw yunho smiled at him, there was no anger in his face even after taemin yelled at him “I’m sorry.. I won’t talk to you if that what you want” he said before turned his body face the wall.


Taemin feel guilty for snapping at him, but yunho, he should understand that taemin was hurt and sad for losing his whole family right now. He had never expected in his life that he’s gonna ended in prison like this. He miss his family, his home, his friends in school, he miss his life. He hates this war. For whoever started this war, hell is the only place deserved for them.



“Food!” a man brings them food, it was hard to called it food. They feed the prisoners with rotten food. But taemin has to eat it if he wants to survive. He has to live until someone save them.


Taemin chewing his food, pretending that the food taste good so he didn’t vomit again. His gaze drop on the man who still sleeping in the other corner. His mind wondering,



What stories behind the soldier? Why he ended here? Why his comrade didn’t save him? Why so many blood in his clothes? Did the guards torture him before taemin comes here?


Suddenly he felt bad for yelling at him “Mr Jung .. your you want me to bring it there?”


At first there was no sound of movement, but then taemin heard heavy breathes coming from him. “You can have it.. I’m not hungry”




Taemin didn’t know how long he has been locked here, but counting from the time it should be three days after taemin put in the prison. He didn’t talk much with yunho, and he didn’t mind since he prefers to silence than to talk with a stranger. But deep inside his heart, taemin knows that yunho is not bad person.


Taemin still hugging his knees, watching the guy from other corner, he didn’t move or touch the food the guards brought for them. Taemin moving closer to see him, make sure if he still alive or dead. He watching shuddering breaths shake yunho’s body, he is painting in obvious pain, cold sweat running down his face. Taemin suddenly have a terrifying idea of what had happened to this soldier.



He then just realized that the guy never move from his side.  Taemin approached him slowly, his eyes went huge and round when he see yunho condition in close. Most of the man’s clothes ripped, his leg is broken. He can’t stop looking and suddenly he hardly breathing when he saw yunho’s ribs were still poking up against his skin.



Taemin was panting, shallow breaths coming in as he fought the urge to vomit. The emotions were racing through his head, shock, disgust and fear, were running high in his head. He run to the vomiting in the sink, head rested in toilet seat.



Tears escaping his eyes slowly, his breath is heavy. He didn’t understood, what kind of human did those things to yunho. What he had done until he deserved it. It was such a miracle that he still alive with that condition.



And yet.. the man still acting so nice to him, trying to talk with him and console him when he even barely to breath.



Taemin wash his mouth with water, before he walk to yunho side again.



The man had his arms wrapped around himself protectively.

“A..are you okay Mr Jung?” Yunho open his eyes for awhile before he shut it again. It was instinct when taemin touched that black hair, some of it hardened with dried blood. Taemin caressed his hair in soft movement. “Tell me.. what should I do to less your pain”



There was a pause, the sound of quick breathing “I feel cold..”.


Taemin shifted his body to lays beside yunho and hug him from behind carefully not to touch the wounds. “It’s okay..everything is gonna be alright mr jung”



For the first time after they took him to prison, yunho can finally sleeping without feeling pain in his body.