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Winter Rose Part (2)

Chapter 2




“Give him something! You can’t let him die!” Taemin yelled behind the metal bars. “Are you deaf! Give him medicine!”



“Or what” the guards coming closer to him, at first taemin feel a lil bit startled “What are you gonna do huh? You should to know what your position, you have no right here!” The guards spat.


“His ally will come to rescue him! And you’ll be sorry when that time is come!”


“Really?” The guards laugh at him viciously, he lean his face closer to taemin, see same eyes level with him “He was abandoned and alone when we found him. His ally threw him away, like rubbish, left there to die” The guard voice is cold. Taemin’s eyes delighting in the shock and terror filling after he heard it. The guard smiled darkly, turning and walking away.


“I’ll pleasure you!” He screamed before the guard walk too far away from their cells.


The guard raised one of his eyebrow and turn his head to taemin. “I’ll do anything to please you. Come on, I know how lonely soldier can be in this solitary, you can use me to satisfied your sexual needs..”


“What makes you think i’ll accept your offer?” The guard crossed his arms in his chest.


“Just give me chance to prove how good it felt when my mouth sucks your cock”


The guard stay there, thinking hard about the consequences, taking prisoners out is too risky for him.


“I won’t tell anyone.. I just want you to give him medicine..and blanket” added taemin attempted not to pleaded too much.


“Why did you care so much for him” Said the guard, looking at taemin’s face.


“I don’t know either.. I just can’t let him die”


That day, the guard brought taemin into a small room, there was more light compare to his cell. Taemin kneeling down and took the man length in his mouth. After spilling his seed in his mouth, the guard keep his promise and give taemin medice and blanket to him.




Yunho awake with bandage around his body. Taemin staring at him with a smile on his face. “You awake Mr Jung?”


“How long I’ve been sleep?”


“I don’t know how long, no watch here, but you sleep long enough and I don’t want to wake you up”


Yunho couldn’t tell what had just happened, his wounds now was wrapped in bandaged, no more blood in his body though he still can’t freely move, pain still consume him everytime he make a single move. “You..did this to me?”


Taemin come closer and sat beside him, he lifted yunho’s hand and hold it “Yes..i asked the guard to give you medicine and blanket, i cleaned your body with warm water and sterilized your wounds when you sleep. They give me bandage to wrapped your wounds”


Yunho blink once, he can’t believe that he still alive and he glad for it. This boy just taken care of him, “Why. ?”


Taemin locked their fingers together and smiled.


“Because I’m not yet telling you what my hobby is..”


Yunho unable to voice what he was feeling, he hold the tears that swelling in his eyes “Thank you,” he heard the soft reply from yunho before the man began to shut his eyes and drove to sleep again.





“I love to dance! I have a dream to be a dancer like MJ one day!” the young boy moving his body so fast to every corner in the room, exclaim his happiness in expressive move. Yunho hardly to catch the move with his eyes, he tried to get up in careful move, right now the pain felt less than when the first time he came to prison. Taemin told yunho to not move, he knelt down in front of the other man, forcing him to meet his eyes. “I want to dance with you taemin”


He didn’t know the reason why as taemin raised one hand slowly and lifted it to touch yunho’s cheek. Yunho flinched for a second when taemin caressed his bruises in his face.


“I’ll dance with you Mr Jung, soon after you healing. I can promise you that.”


Yunho smiled, his eyes glisten with unshed tears. “Can I hug you?”


Taemin hesitate for a while but then he move forward, yunho wrapped his arms around him and held taemin close. They looked each other in the eyes for a second, taemin avoid their gaze as he could feel a blush on his cheeks.


He could feel yunho’s heartbeat against his, he close his eyes and buried his head in yunho’s embrace. Yunho humming some song that taemin forgot where he ever heard it. “What song is this?”


“Ehmm..” Yunho put his chin on taemin’s neck “It was song from drama that I watched long time ago..”


“What drama..?”


“.. secret garden..”


The younger boy raised an eyebrow at him and gave a sheepish smirk. “Why do you laugh?” yunho asked eventually.


“It’s funny to know big guy like you, a soldier, watch romantic drama like secret garden” Taemin chuckled slightly.


“Hey.. what’s wrong with drama?“ Yunho gave him puppy dog eyes and pouting lips before he started to tickling taemin. They spent minutes tickling each other but then stop when yunho jolted in pain.


Taemin eyes snap open and looked horrified at the man. Yunho moaned in pain when accidentally taemin’s elbow hit his ribs. Taemin forgot that yunho not fully recovered.


“I’m so sorry! Are you okay?” Taemin pressing his hands carefully to yunho’s body to make sure that the wounds is not open again.


Yunho bit his lip “I’m fine taemin”


“I’m sorry” Taemin hiccupped and began sobbing even though yunho telling him that he was okay. The other man leaned forward and kissed each eyelid delicately, he cupped the side of taemin’s face who leaned into the touch “I’m fine taemin.. Don’t cry, I can’t stand it to see you cry”


Taemin smile, he looked up at him and ready to say something but keep it shut when they heard the metal bars sliding open “Mr Lee Taemin!” A voice more like an order ruined their moment “I need to see you in my office Now!”


Yunho raised an eyebrow at the guard who gave him disgusted look.


“I have to go”


Before taemin rose, yunho grabbing his arms “Why Choi always asking you to his office?”


“ just a small interrogation… ” Taemin said hurriedly as he walked away with the guard. Yunho gave a suspicious glance to the guards, Choi minho, before he locked the metal bars.


Something is not right, and he doesn’t have any idea what it was. It was Taemin they always looking for, almost every night. It happened almost a month.




Yunho can’t forget how pale taemin when he come back to their cell, there was no way interrogation like taemin told him, that choi minho want from taemin. It something else, and yunho didn’t like the thought of possibility that maybe happened between them two.



Taemin followed minho, up the stairs, into the room where he was to service him. Minho took him again that night. Taemin did whatever he asked as he spread his legs as far as minho wanted. He arched up and cried out in pain when he felt minho in him. The pain was so great, Taemin couldn’t even scream. His entire body tensed, and only a few sob escaped from his mouth.



When it was all over, Taemin will clean himself before being led back to his cell. Sometime he wished he doesn’t have to return to his cell so yunho will not have an idea of what had happened here.



“Could I have more blanket and medicine?” It was the deal between them, taemin will pleasure him and minho will give everything he want.



“You’re so lucky that I’m nice to you, other guard will never treat you this nice”



Taemin was given a new blanket and more medicine for yunho.



There was no watch in prison or the window to see if it was day or night right now since they locked them in underground prison. But Taemin know that he had leave too long. Yunho probably was already fall asleep right now, the lights is turned off by other guard. It’s really dark for taemin to walk to their cell because no more lights on.



He open the metal bars slowly, as he thought yunho already sleeping. He approached yunho in slow steps. He hold pained sob coming from him as he crawled to sleep beside yunho’s. He lied on his stomach, shut his eyes and fell a sleep minutes later.


The thing is, yunho is never sleep, he opened his eyes widely and watched the teenage boy beside him. There was new blanket and other healer he brought in their cell, yunho feel like his world broken into pieces. Whatever taemin did, it must be because of him.


He had failed as a soldier, but he didn’t want to fail as a man for taemin.




Next morning, yunho move closer to metal bars. Taemin still sleeping in other corner of the room, and yunho really hope he didn’t wake up yet. He needs to talk with minho, he need to know the truth. The guard always checks the prisoner everyday. He waited until they passed their cell to speak privately to the guard and finally he coming closer.


“What are you doing to him!” Minho stopped his step and standing in front of him behind the metal bars. Yunho making sure his voice is quiet enough so taemin can’t hear them.


“What?” Minho raised an eyebrow. “Who do you think you are, talking to me in such a manner?”


“I know you did something to him” Yunho voice turned malicious. “What ever you do, make it stop!”


Minho rolled his eyes before he yanked yunho’s hair and hit his face against the metal bars “Listen! You have no power against me, whatever I did to him is not your business” Minho’s voice got higher and higher and he spat the last word at yunho. Yunho look at taemin and he practically glad that the younger boy still sleeping and didn’t hear their conversation.


“Do you want to know what I did to him?” He asked, continuing to slam yunho’s face against the metal bars.He leaned forward, lip curling in a sneer.


“You should to have heard him moan when I fuck him, the look in his place is priceless everytime I came inside him.. “


“Stop..” Yunho warned, his voice low and scared, fists trembling with anger and frustration.


“He said when I took him but yet he keep coming to my place every night. Do you know why?”


Yunho was shaking with a dizzying mixture of rage and pain, he was so furious so confused, deep in his gut was screaming at the guard to stop but he really want to know the truth, the truth that will never revealed if he ask taemin.


Minho leaned in close, whispering in his ear “He let me raped him because of you, he didn’t want to see you die. After we fucked he’ll ask for medicine for you.” A vicious smile split his face when he yunho’s expression.


“You’re useless man, you failed for your country, you can’t even protect him. If I were you, I will choose to die than to lose my honour as soldier. The world will known you as pathetic loser Jung Yunho”


Yunho’s body was beginning to tremble, his breath came faster and faster, his eyes glazing over slightly as he began to hyperventilate. The memories coming back, when sounds and images of his torturing, they beaten him and broken his leg. When their ripped his skin with their knife. He felt the fear and the pain in him again.


Choi minho is right, he is useless man, failed as a soldier. Abandoned and thrown away like garbage by his ally. Yet he still managed to live. Whole this time he thought he was the one who protect taemin, but the reality is so cruel. Taemin is the one who protect him, he sacrificed himself to make pathetic loser like him still alive. His mind filled with guilt and shame, he couldn’t breathe, he was failing man. He didn’t deserve to live.


Yunho heard the soft rustle of sheets as taemin moved to look at me “Mr Jung are you okay?” he crawling beside yunho.


“Don’t touch me!” Anger clouded his vision. Taemin taken back, for almost a month locked in this prison, he never had heard yunho shouting at him. Is he in pain? But however worse the pain felt, yunho never sounded so broken like this. He always left the pain for himself.


Taemin’s face looked terrifying, yunho move to the corner, sobbing silently. Taemin really want to hug him, he want to make all the pain away. Anything he will do to keep him from seeing yunho like this. Yunho face was so white, lifeless.


The boy looked at him, but sad nothing, his eyes filled with tears.





Punches to the face sent him stumbling to the side, tripping himself to the ground. A man standing behind him, he put his hand around his throat and tightening slowly there. “Why did you betrayed our country?” Yunho tried to clawed at the hands, his lungs burned, he couldn’t breathe, couldn’t move. “I want to live yunho, you know our country will lose this battle, I don’t want to die!” The man reach yunho’s hand and crack it.Yunho curled up, rolling into a ball. Another kicks sent into his stomach. His body aching, burning as he tried to breathe, there was a moment when yunho pray that his used to be comrade, ended his life than torture him like this.


”J..just kill me” yunho heard of laughter ringing in his ears. He used to laugh with this man, and it shook yunho that the man he thought as best friend betrayed him and now beaten him. His vision blurred when a fist landed hard to his right eye. He grabbed yunho hair and smacked it to the ground. Yunho whimper from pain, the blood downing his head.


The man knelt down beside him and started to ripped yunho skin with his knife, he pushed deeper to yunho’s body and slice his skin open. Yunho’s heart beat faster, it’s the time, his friend going to kill him and he was glad because finally he can free from this tormenting. He closed his eyes and hope this gonna be the end.


“Mr Jung?” A soft voice calling his name, “Do you need something?” Yunho open his eyes and looked at taemin who sit beside him, waiting and praying for him to wake up.


“Taemin..” he breathed heavily.


“I’m here Mr Jung..” taemin help him to get up. Yunho held his hand and tightened up his grips. “Promise me taemin, promise me whatever happened to me, you’ll stay alive”


“I.. I can’t..” he shook his head. “I can’t promise something that I can’t keep” His eyes were red, framed by dark circles from lack of sleep.


His eyes widened in panic, taemin biting his lip. He leaned forward and wrapped his arms in yunho, burying his face in his shoulder. Tears falling down quickly from his face, yunho can feel each drop wetting his shoulder.


He doesn’t know the reason why yunho talk like he will go away from him. That day they spent the day hugging each other until they fall asleep.




The next night, minho came for taemin. He follow the guard, he need more medicine for yunho and change the bandage to wrap the wounds. Yunho hold his arm before he go, pleading with his eyes not to go, sometime taemin wonder if yunho already know the truth about him.


“I’ll comeback soon Mr Jung” And he go to follow the guard.



As usual, minho will bring him up to the stairs to small room. Today it’s unusual, he has bad feeling for this. Taemin took half a step backwards, minho stood there for a long moment watching him, neither of them moving. “I..i can’t do this, I need to back to my cells” Minho stared at him and hold him “Please Mr Choi, I’ll let you use me other night but now I really need to go back”



At first minho hold him still, taemin struggled to let him free, and then minho let him go.



Taemin lose his breath, he shakily made his way to his cells. He open the metal bars and approached yunho who still curled up beneath the blanket.



“M..Mr Jung..” he rolled over yunho’s body to face him and it was surprised him. Taemin mouth hanging open and he can’t stop the tears running down his face.


Yunho, he is not breathing. There were so many bloods coming from his body. A red stain beneath him and a knife piercing his belly


“Why Mr Jung.. why..” He paused at a loss for words as well. He keep shaking yunho’s body though he knew that it was no use. “We promise to dance together….” Taemin caressed yunho’s cheek.


“You asked me to stay alive ..”


He knelt down beside yunho’s, glancing at him from the corner of his eye, and then looking at the knife. Taemin take the knife over in his hands


“And you know I can’t live without you” With trembling hands he brought the knife to his stomach and he pressed it inside. He felt the tip of the knife presses to his stomach. Blood flowing from his skin, hot on his flesh, he was panting now and he press harder.


Taemin smiled.


He lay beside yunho. There was no pain as he felt the blood in front of his shirt. He holds yunho’s hands and whisper.


“I love you Mr Jung.. let’s meet again in another life”



And the world began to go black.






Winter Rose Part (1)


Sumarry :

When war happened in South  Korea




Pairing :

Yunho/ Taemin



Author : Boongie XD



Chapter 1/2



“What’s your name?” taemin startled when he heard the other man voice coming from the corner in the dark room. It felt like a dream as taemin curled his body, hugging his knees in the corners of small room which he believed that it was prison. He doesn’t understand how comes he ended here, he just remember the gun voice, fire, bomb exploded and blood in everywhere before he passed out and wake up here. As reality sank in, he turned his face to see a man with black hair, suited in soldier uniform, his face soaked with blood, one of the man’s eyes was black and looked to be swollen shut.




Taemin can see more blood drying on his suit. “Yunho. Jung Yunho” he said with a cracking voice. Taemin bit his lip for a moment before answer him.




“I won’t hurt you”..” He said after saw taemin staring at his wounds.


“You’re soldier?”




Taemin cleared his throat “Why are you here?”


“Just a bad luck” he said smiling bitterly, taemin can saw pain in yunho’s eyes as the other man clutched his hand on his chest. Taemin realized that the man lied to him, he must be had serious injury beneath that clothes.


“And why are you here taemin?”


Taemin didn’t look up at him, his chin tucked against his chest “They caught me when my family tried to run away“



Yunho saw taemin open his mouth before closing it again, there was a sudden look of fear and nausea that overtook his face.



“What about your family?” Yunho finally asked. Yunho noticed the boy flinch at the sudden words before looking up at Yunho slowly.



There was paused for a moment before taemin rolled over his body to facing the wall and closed his eyes “They kill them all..i don’t know why they didn’t kill me”



“I..I’m sorry for your lost”



Yunho got no answer but he knows that the boy was secretly crying. Yunho could imagine those fresh tears sliding down the boy’s face.




It was really stressful to put in dark and small room, taemin miss the sun light, he missed the way the wind touch his face. He missed his family, but they are gone. They killed his family and the cruelest thing is they let taemin live, alone and suffer in prison.




“Taemin..” he heard the man calling his name. “What is your hobby?” taemin glanced at the soldier but quickly returning his gaze to the metal bars. “Before become soldier I really love to sing.. I thought I’m going to be a singer instead of holding gun but then..”



“Stop!” yunho heard the boy screamed at him, tear is ready to running down the boy’s pale cheek “I don’t want to know about your goddamn hobby! I don’t want to talk! Don’t you realize it!”



Taemin saw yunho smiled at him, there was no anger in his face even after taemin yelled at him “I’m sorry.. I won’t talk to you if that what you want” he said before turned his body face the wall.


Taemin feel guilty for snapping at him, but yunho, he should understand that taemin was hurt and sad for losing his whole family right now. He had never expected in his life that he’s gonna ended in prison like this. He miss his family, his home, his friends in school, he miss his life. He hates this war. For whoever started this war, hell is the only place deserved for them.



“Food!” a man brings them food, it was hard to called it food. They feed the prisoners with rotten food. But taemin has to eat it if he wants to survive. He has to live until someone save them.


Taemin chewing his food, pretending that the food taste good so he didn’t vomit again. His gaze drop on the man who still sleeping in the other corner. His mind wondering,



What stories behind the soldier? Why he ended here? Why his comrade didn’t save him? Why so many blood in his clothes? Did the guards torture him before taemin comes here?


Suddenly he felt bad for yelling at him “Mr Jung .. your you want me to bring it there?”


At first there was no sound of movement, but then taemin heard heavy breathes coming from him. “You can have it.. I’m not hungry”




Taemin didn’t know how long he has been locked here, but counting from the time it should be three days after taemin put in the prison. He didn’t talk much with yunho, and he didn’t mind since he prefers to silence than to talk with a stranger. But deep inside his heart, taemin knows that yunho is not bad person.


Taemin still hugging his knees, watching the guy from other corner, he didn’t move or touch the food the guards brought for them. Taemin moving closer to see him, make sure if he still alive or dead. He watching shuddering breaths shake yunho’s body, he is painting in obvious pain, cold sweat running down his face. Taemin suddenly have a terrifying idea of what had happened to this soldier.



He then just realized that the guy never move from his side.  Taemin approached him slowly, his eyes went huge and round when he see yunho condition in close. Most of the man’s clothes ripped, his leg is broken. He can’t stop looking and suddenly he hardly breathing when he saw yunho’s ribs were still poking up against his skin.



Taemin was panting, shallow breaths coming in as he fought the urge to vomit. The emotions were racing through his head, shock, disgust and fear, were running high in his head. He run to the vomiting in the sink, head rested in toilet seat.



Tears escaping his eyes slowly, his breath is heavy. He didn’t understood, what kind of human did those things to yunho. What he had done until he deserved it. It was such a miracle that he still alive with that condition.



And yet.. the man still acting so nice to him, trying to talk with him and console him when he even barely to breath.



Taemin wash his mouth with water, before he walk to yunho side again.



The man had his arms wrapped around himself protectively.

“A..are you okay Mr Jung?” Yunho open his eyes for awhile before he shut it again. It was instinct when taemin touched that black hair, some of it hardened with dried blood. Taemin caressed his hair in soft movement. “Tell me.. what should I do to less your pain”



There was a pause, the sound of quick breathing “I feel cold..”.


Taemin shifted his body to lays beside yunho and hug him from behind carefully not to touch the wounds. “It’s okay..everything is gonna be alright mr jung”



For the first time after they took him to prison, yunho can finally sleeping without feeling pain in his body.





Lies ~Chapter 3

Warning : AU/Angst/NC 17/Mpreg


Pairing : Yunho/ Jaejoong (Yunjae), Yunho/ Taemin (Yuntae), Yunho/ Changmin (Homin), Jaejoong / Yoochun (Jaechun)


Author Rant : If you dislike Yunjae or Yuntae or Homin click back, and if mpreg is not cup of your tea then GTFO, I don’t want you to rant about my fics in your twitter!


And if you hate the way I ship them, the door is open for you to leave

〆(`・∀・´o) GO AWAY!!  This is my fanfic I can write whatever I want

Note : For Yoochun fans I’m sorry but in this fic I have to make him as a bad guy (forgive me kay? *runs)

Thanks ~Boongie





Yunho date jaejoong for almost a year in their high school, both deeply in love, they ignore the biggest border between them, yunho coming from wealthy family while jaejoong just an orphan, yunho reassured him that he will accept jaejoong no matter what,


When jaejoong sure that this love will last forever, he was wrong. Suddenly yunho changed, he become so cold and avoid jaejoong, he thought the other man just need more space for himself. One day jaejoong found himself that he is pregnant with yunho’s child. The reaction from yunho is so far away from what he expected. Yunho refused to responsible and told jaejoong to abort the child.


Jaejoong told him that he aborted the child, but what will happen when yunho find out that jaejoong never aborted the child seventeen years ago.









Chapter 3


“But dad I love him!” Yunho hoped his voice hadn’t sounded as shaky when he said it, he move closer to a man he respect and fear the most at the same time.


“He is not worthy for you! Break your relationship with than orphan!” The word is clear, yunho feel his heart burn in anger as he clenched his hands into fist.


“I won’t! I always let you control my life! But now I will never let you control me anymore!”


His father rose from his seat, his already wrinkled brow creasing further.


“You dare to against my order?” his father responded calmly. “Do you think you can survive without me? You’re just spoiled little brat!”


“I can live without your money!”


“Really?” The older man chuckled ironically, a vicious grin in his face. “Sure you do, but can your sister survive? You knew it right that Jihye suffer for his cancer? How long do you think she can survive without my money paying for her hospital bill?”



For a moment yunho stared at his father, trying to piece together those words that spoken from him. “Did you just use Jihye to threaten me?” It seemed like he was having hard time breathing, his chest hurt, he had no idea what his father talking about “How could you dad! She is your daughter! And you use her for your own benefit!”


“She is not my daughter, your dead mom cheat on me with other man! She think she can keep that secret to her grave but it such a pity that I knew it right before she died!”


Yunho step back, his face twisted in anger for a moment before shifting once more into distress.


He had a dozen questions burning in the back of his mind


Jihye is not his blood sister.


His mother cheated with other man.


His dad uses his sister to make him follow his order.


 That confusion question keep running inside his head.“What if..what if I’m not your son either?” He paused catching his shaking breath “Don’t you think you wasted your money for me”


His father stared at him, unmoved. “I’m not that stupid yunho, I checked your DNA over and over again until I was sure that you’re indeed my son.”


Yunho’s eyes got really big, he looked shocked, scared. “I..i’ll be happier to hear that I’m not your son, at least I can relieved that I’m not a devil’s son!”


“I’m a devil? Don’t you think i was kind enough to raise Jihye like my own child?!” The older man spat. “Stop this non sense! This is an order, leave that orphan! Told him to abort the baby, I will pay for it. If I caught you still seeing him, I will stop my support for Jihye, without medical treatment she will die immediately.”


Yunho was still dazed. He wanted to wake up, to find that this whole awful scenario his life had become was just a bad dream, and soon he will wake up from it. “Think about it my son.” His father whispered as he walked through the door and leave yunho alone in that empty big house.


Suddenly anger mixed with confusion and depression, he felt as his heart ripped from his body. He had no words now, nothing but angry, confused, hurt feelings coursing through his veins.


“I’m sorry jae..”



Changmin woke up, he heart soft sounds of sleeping yunho beside him. The bed was warm, like it had been in the past when they still sleep together here. Changmin pulled the blanket to cover their bodies. Last night was incredible, yunho looked exhausted and asleep after they had sex on the sofa and changmin with so much effort bring him back to his bedroom.



He missed yunho so much, and he glad that right now his husband sleeping beside him. Changmin stared at yunho who curled up beside him on the bed. Yunho still naked covered only by changmin’s robe. Changmin stroking his husband cheek softly, he remembered about last night when both of them driving in rough sex, that was the first time after almost a year they had sex again. He smiled watching his husband when he still sleeping like a child.



Yunho mumbled something between his sleep, “Jae..” suddenly all happiness shattered like broken glass when he heard that name.


Changmin pushed yunho’s body away from him.


Jaejoong jaejoong jaejoong jaejoong What so good about him? Why can’t he satisfied with me?


Changmin cursed in his mind, he was angry and jealous even with only a mention of that name. Almost three years they married and yunho never stop bringing that name in their life. It was yunho’s ex name, it’s not bother changmin at first knowing that yunho, dated many men and women in his life, but this one is the only one he remembered, there must be something special in jaejoong that made yunho keep thinking about him. And it was unpleasant thing for changmin.


“Good morning..” changmin said, keeping his voice soft as he hide anger within. Yunho open one eye before rolling to lays on his back “Morning min”


“Want to breakfast or shower first?”


Yunho sighing, he stretched and pushing himself up into sitting position before he realized that he wore nothing and he felt sticky.


Yunho opening his second eye as he realize that he was naked “Did we..”


“Sex?” Changmin said quickly “Yes, many times until I lost count how many times you came in me”


Yunho a little bit hesitant but in the end he said it softly “Sorry.. I never mean to”


“What does it matter?” Changmin answered loudly, leaning himself to kiss yunho. “We’re married, it’s normal for us to had sex”


“We already discussed about this changmin,” Yunho said, swiftly moving out of the bed. “We no longer husband and wife in next couple months, we’re in progress to divorce”


Changmin get up from the bed, moving closer to yunho, his head leaned forward and he kissed yunho with passion he had shown last night “Give me second chance yunho, let me prove my self that I can change to be a better person and I’m worthy for your love” he whispered “I love you yunho”


Yunho pushed his wife’s body from him lightly, he gave him apologetic glance “I did changmin, I was once love you until I found you slept with another guy, and for our love, I gave you one more chance but you ruined it and betrayed me again, and again”


“I stop seeing kyuhyun! And swear to God I never cheat on you again!” Changmin felt the tears ready to sliding down his face, but he fought the urge to cry “Please yunho.. give me one more chance.. I know you still love me..” he pleaded.


“I..can’t changmin..I’m sorry” Yunho smiled bitterly, “I’m just human changmin, I can be hurt, I can feel pain. And I don’t want to feel it again.”


Changmin let the silence return, the tears running down on his face, his stare lingered in the doorway, watching as his husband figure leaving him alone in their used to be bedroom.


It was his fault, his mistakes, yunho telling the truth. He gave changmin chances but he always end up to cheat on him again and again.



Why we always end up hurts someone we love?



Yunho walked to the bathroom, his body is sticky and he is exhausted, the memory of last night with changmin vaguely playing in his mind. But it wasn’t something that bothered him, it was about his ex-lover, jaejoong, and his son though yunho didn’t know yet if taemin is his son or not. He tried not to think about anything, finding that taking a bath maybe will be the perfect way of relieving some of his stress. Yunho dropped the silky robe from his body and climbed into the tub. He rested in the water, washed his hair and cleaned his face.



The felt of guilt, shame and disgust of himself filling his head, he can’t stop thinking about taemin, a young boy he always spend time with is his son, his SON with jaejoong.



Yunho had million questions in his mind, each demanding attention in its own right begging to be asked. He drained the water and stepped out, drying himself off before dressing himself. If he gonna ask someone it just one person who can give him answer. He has to meet jaejoong.




The man took a moment to ring the bell, he was standing in the front door almost half an hour, thinking about possibilities that may come up. But what ever may happen, he braves himself to take the risk. He needs to talk with jaejoong. Talk about their son, and it was the right time since taemin in school and today he has day off from his duty as a doctor.



He take a deep breath as he push the bell, “I’m coming” he heard the voice from the inside, the door open with jaejoong’s eyes widened to find who is coming to his house.


“Jae..?” Yunho staring at him, curious expression crossed his face as he catches bruise on jaejoong neck. Yunho looking at his ex-lover wrist, there is another bruise there with finger shaped mark, jaejoong quickly pulls his sleeve down to cover it when he notice yunho staring at it. Yunho look at jaejoong’s face.


At their first time encounter, yunho noticed how truly awful his ex-lover looked, red puffy eyes and dark circles around his eyes from lack of sleep. But those bruises, he didn’t see it yesterday. There was something different about jaejoong, something almost broken looking.


“What are you doing here?!” He snapped. Yunho flinched at his words.


“I want to talk jae” Jaejoong’s breath was coming in short, he trying desperately to hold back the tears circling beneath his eyes. “I want to know about our son”


Jaejoong’s hands pushed his hair from his face, and he gave a desperate looks on his face “Our son? He is MY SON! He never be yours!! And nothing to talk between us anymore!” There were more tears in his eyes now, and jaejoong’s eyes widened as yunho try to step closer over him. Yunho moved to stand over jaejoong, towering his thin figure. Jaejoong flinched as yunho dropping to his knees and dipping his head.


“I don’t care what you do, hit me, kick me, do what ever you want, but please jae.. please let me know the truth” Yunho’s face flashed with hurt and rejection, but he remained where he was. Jaejoong felt a pang of guilt stab at his heart. “I know jae, what I’ve done to you is unforgivable, but if only I can fix it, I would do anything”


“Almighty Jung Yunho pleading in front of filthy orphan” Jaejoong hissed laughing bitterly, tears running down his face, his eyes red. “I wonder how your father react if he know this” He laughed cynically.


“You ruined my life yunho, and now you begging me to telling you the truth?” he said, his voice low and utterly empty “You’re selfish bastard yunho! You always be! Only your dead can make me happy after what you did to me!”




Yunho was searching for words, he hasn’t something to say, he doesn’t want to defend himself, because from the beginning it was his fault “If my death can bring your happiness back I will surrender my life for you jae”


Jaejoong’s face blanked with shock for a brief moment until he found his anger back once more “You’re pathetic yunho, you can do anything with your life, I don’t care.” he said, bitterness stringing his words together. “But don’t you ever try to told taemin about us, I’ll fucking kill you if you did”


Jaejoong shoved yunho’s body away, “Don’t come back again!” a twisted feeling of utter satisfaction snaking through him as he see pain crossing yunho’s face when he fall. Before yunho could utter another word, jaejoong shut the door so hard, giving no chance to talk.


Jaejoong stood before his door, his body become weak as he sliding down to the floor. He still can heard yunho voice pleading for his forgiveness. But he can’t, he can’t forgive yunho yet, because what he has caused in his life was unbearable. Yunho’s voice had been so sad, jaejoong fighting with himself, he doesn’t want to open the door and allow his ex-lover entrance. He refused to show weakness in front of yunho.


“I’ll come again jae..” slowly he heard yunho’s voice behind the door, jaejoong rose from the floor and peeking through the curtain from his window. Yunho made his way towards his car and minutes later he gone.



Jaejoong buried his face into his palm, he closed his eyes as he feeling his tears in his cheeks. He had been promised to himself that he will never cry because of yunho again. But the fact that how he missed his ex-lover, frustrated him. He needed the comfort yunho once used to give when jaejoong can feel safety in the other man embrace.


“Who is that?” The voice make jaejoong startled.


“H..he is my friend” his body trembling when yoochun coming closer. Yoochun took jaejoong’s chin in his hands “Only friend? Then why were you crying?” yoochun raised one of his eye brow.


“I..i just..” Jaejoong bit his lips.


“Why you look so scared? If you telling me the truth why did you trembling?” Yoochun started to kiss his neck.


“No..not now, taemin will be home, I don’t want him to see us” Jaejoong said, he pulling himself away from the man. Yoochun keep a firm grip on his wrists and pulling him back towards him until no space between them anymore.


“Let me remind you jae” Yoochun leaning closer to whisper in jaejoong’s ear “Whatever I want, you should give it to me. You’re my slut and you have to obey me”


Jaejoong release his wrist from yoochun grip and trying to get away from him. “I’m not your slut!” with that jaejoong get one slap on his face.


Yoochun slamming his body against the wall “I think you need more lesson from me to make you realize that I own you” Yoochun punch him hard in the face until jaejoong fell onto the floor. “That guy, who is he?”


“H..he is my… friend”


“Liar!” Yoochun screamed and kick him in the stomach. “Who is he!”


Jaejoong shook his head “I’m not lying, he just my friend” he struggle to break away from him. Yoochun is on top of him while he straddled jaejoong’s waist, trapping him against the floor.


“Are you testing my patient jae?” his voice within anger “If you didn’t tell me who is he, I’ll fuck you in front of taemin, do you really want that?”





Yoochun started to touch his body, his hand slipped into his shirt. “Then tell me who is he?”


Yoochun grabbed jaejoong’s chin and holding it in place to make the smaller man had no choice but to look back at him.


“He..he is my ex..from high school”


“Is he taemin’s father? Yes or no?”


Jaejoong closed his eyes and nodded “Yes”


“I see, your baby has rich father” Yoochun grinned maliciously, at that time jaejoong know that yoochun has planning for this. Bad one. Yoochun rolled jaejoong onto his stomach, he began to shed jaejoong clothes. His hands continue to touch jaejoong.


Jaejoong bit his tongue until he can taste the blood in his mouth when yoochun began to push his way inside his body. He couldn’t help but cry out as he feeling the pain when he was taken roughly by yoochun.











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Lies~Chapter 2

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This story inspired by the picture above, I hope if you the original owner of that pic, you don’t mind that I use it as my poster, thank you so much for your pic, I really love it


Warning : AU/Angst/NC 17/Mpreg


Pairing : Yunho/ Jaejoong (Yunjae), Yunho/ Taemin (Yuntae), Yunho/ Changmin (Homin)


Author Rant : If you dislike Yunjae or Yuntae or Homin click back, and if mpreg is not cup of your tea then GTFO, I don’t want you to rant about my fics in your twitter! Hell yes I love yuntae, homin, yunjae and yunram.Btw I’ll add more character into my fic, so if you dislike it, GO AWAY!!


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Yunho date jaejoong for almost a year in their high school, both deeply in love, they ignore the biggest border between them, yunho coming from wealthy family while jaejoong just an orphan, yunho reassured him that he will accept jaejoong no matter what,


When jaejoong sure that this love will last forever, he was wrong. Suddenly yunho changed, he become so cold and avoid jaejoong, he thought the other man just need more space for himself. One day jaejoong found himself that he is pregnant with yunho’s child. The reaction from yunho is so far away from what he expected. Yunho refused to responsible and told jaejoong to abort the child.

Jaejoong told him that he aborted the child, but what will happen when yunho find out that jaejoong never aborted the child seventeen years ago.






Chapter 2


 “Stop staring at me” Jaejoong mumbled between his sleep.


“Can’t help, you’re too beautiful” Yunho teased and slipped his arms around jaejoong waist. Jaejoong woke up with a huge smile on his face and saw yunho face who laying beside him, yunho smiled and tenderly stroked jaejoong’s hair. He leaned closer and kiss the other man forehead “I can’t live without you jae”


Jaejoong smiled “Me too yunho, how do I live without you?” they stared each other, and minutes before yunho caught jaejoong to kiss his lips, then he started to lick his ears make jaejoong shivered.


“Take me yunho..”



With that, yunho smiled and rolled on top of jaejoong, his lips ghosted over jaejoong’s mouth, he noticed jaejoong’s sensitive spot on his neck and sucked on it. Jaejoong moaned and opened his legs, he felt yunho hard length against him. Yunho stroked over jaejoong chest and when his lips found a nipple, he sucked it so hard like hungry beast.



“I can’t give you milk even though you sucked on it so hard” Jaejoong sighed.



“Not really milk, but I can get “other” milk from you” Yunho said as he start to stripping jaejoong and grabbed his cock in his hand.



“Per..vert.” Jaejoong can’t finish his word properly when he felt yunho’s mouth swallow his cock, he started bobbing his head and taking more of it into his mouth.



“Yun..ho.. ah.” Jaejoong put a grip on yunho’s hair, the other man sucked deeper into his mouth, he could feel jaejoong’s precum leaking from the tip of the cock. It’s salty but yet tasted delicious, he wants to feel more, he wants to swallow it all.  



“S..stop..Yunho pleas.e..stop teasing” Jaejoong pleaded, yunho stop his movement “Please make love to mer”



“Very well my prince..” Yunho grinned, he continued to kiss jaejoong chest, leave another kiss mark, his finger teased his nipples, make other man below him moaning in frustration.






“Don’t be angry my prince, my cock is here to serve you ” Yunho chuckled and pressed his hips down. He opened jaejoong’s legs wider, one finger slowly entering jaejoong ring muscle, jaejoong tensed when he felt another fingers entering him. Yunho pushed his fingers in and out in same rhythm. When he felt it was enough, he retreat his fingers and looked at jaejoong.



“Ready?” Yunho whispered in jaejoong’s ear and positioned himself at jaejoong’s entrance. The other man nodded. He pushed in one deep thrust, both of them moaned loudly, jaejoong doesn’t care if people who live in this same building will hear them.



“Ohh..God.. you’re so tight jae” Yunho pulled back before slamming into jaejoong’s body again, the other man grabbed the sheet, another hard thrust push inside his body and he moaned again when yunho hit his prostate, jaejoong arching his back off the bed. Desperate to feel more, jaejoong locked his legs around yunho’s waist and pushed down when yunho snapped his hips forwards.


“Do you want to come honey?” Yunho whispered in his ear


 “Ughh.. yes..”



“If you want to come then you have to beg me for it jae” He slammed his cock further inside, making jaejoong crazier.



“Please..Ah.. there.. hit it again..” Jaejoong began to beg “Please yunho let..let me come” He didn’t care what he had to do as long as yunho still fuck him hard and allowed him to come. Yunho smirked, sweat was dripping from his bodies “Come with me jae”


Yunho pressed his mouth on his lips and forced his tongue in, jaejoong grabbed his cock and stroked it harder and faster. “Ugh..Ahh Yunhooo” He came hard screaming yunho’s name, his seed leaking between his stomach and yunho’s chest.


“Jae..jae..” Yunho felt jaejoong wall tightened between his cock, he give a few more thrusts, and in one last hard thrust, he came inside jaejoong. He fell next to jaejoong and panted.


“I love jae..i love you”




Tell me why, why did I end up falling in love with you

There isn’t anybody else, you’re the only one for me

If only you had known

I’ve felt the same for you



“Oh my God..” Yunho said as realization hit him square in the chest. He put his hand to cover his mouth. Jaejoong glaring at yunho, his body trembling uncontrollably, his face filled with shock and terror. Memories came flooding back, overwhelming him with images of pain, betrayal, and tears.



“ taemin our..”



“No!” Jaejoong cut him before yunho finish his words, he began to hyperventilate, his head spinning with the overload of feeling “No words spoken about us, you’re death for me yunho! Get out!” He pushed the other man from his house and slammed the door so hard in his face.



“Oh my God..oh my God” Jaejoong felt his body become weak as he fell to sit in the floor, his breath came faster, he was to caught up in the painful memories, all this time he spent his time to running away from his past but the destiny tricked him, just a minutes before he just met a guy who destroyed him completely.



“Hyung!” Taemin rushed towards him “What happened hyung” Taemin eyes grow wider as he watch his hyung sitting on the floor and the tears running down his face, he never saw his hyung like this, not in his whole life, “What happened hyung?” he repeated his question again” And where is Mr Jung?“



“I’m okay taemin, I just ..i ..” He lost his words, and taemin become more suspicious ”I just got a call saying that my friend died”



“Your friend?” Taemin narrowed his eyes, jaejoong nodded.



“Yes.. that’s why I cried and sit here on the floor” Taemin help jaejoong to stand up.


“So if it was the case, why did Mr Jung leave?” He asked his brother again.


Jaejoong sighed “He said he has something to do in hospital that’s why he left” taemin raise one of his eyebrow, jaejoong knew that his brother, No, his son, didn’t believe him, but he avoid more question from him and just walk away to his room.



Taemin bit his lip, his head full of question, he wonder what really happened between his hyung and yunho while he changing his clothes in his room.



“Damn it!” Yunho throw his car keys into the table, he loosened his tie, Taemin, there is 98% possibility that he is his son. Yunho threw his body onto the sofa in his living room.



Why did jaejoong lied to him, why? Wait, is this the right time to blame him? Isn’t he should be the one who have to blame here! It was his fault! Jaejoong carried and raised taemin by himself, and now he accused him for a lie?



Yunho massaging his forehead, it was too sudden for him, jaejoong was his biggest mistake in his life, even after seventeen year, he can’t tell if he really love jaejoong because he knew that he felt something different for jaejoong. He remembered the time in his high school how jealous he can be when he saw jaejoong laughing together with his friends. He always jealous to everyone who made jaejoong smiled.



“You’re home yunho?” The other man turning his head toward the voice, it was changmin who standing in front of their bedroom door, wearing silky robe to cover his naked body.



“So I can’t go home to my own house?” Yunho answered him with sarcastic tone.



Changmin slumped into a chair nearby and sighed. “It just rare that you are home this early, you always late”



Yunho sighed, he always feel uneasy near changmin “Please changmin, I’m too tired to start arguing today” He said annoyed.



“Now you’ve lost me yunho, who said I want to argue with you?” Changmin asked terribly confused, he shifted from his chair and sit in yunho’s lap ”Don’t forget yunho, though I can’t yet give you heir, I’m still your wife”



Changmin bent down and kissed yunho on the lips, the older man didn’t responded, knowing this, changmin pushed his warm tongue slip in. Changmin nibbled at yunho’s lower lips softly, and he succeed to make his husband let out a surprised moan and lost in the heat. Changmin undo his robe and his flawless skin totally exposed for his husband, he brings yunho’s hand to caress his chest and play with his nipples.



“I’m tired changmin..” yunho said pleading asked the other man to stop seducing him.



“Don’t you miss my body? You used to be so crazy to have sex with me every day” Changmin keep kissing yunho’s neck, leave his kiss mark there. “He slipped his hand up into yunho’s hair “You like it when my tight ass squeezing your cock yunnie” Changmin caressed the roof of yunho’s mouth with his tongue “And I like it when your cum dripping from my ass after you came inside me”



Yunho moaned when changmin unzipped his trousers and stroked his cock so gently, his movement didn’t stop till there, changmin gripped his neck and pulled him closer to deepen the kiss with the other hand. Yunho looked at changmin, his wife’s legs now spread open between his waist.



His wife still incredibly beautiful, his slim figure, his pinky nipples he love to suck, his perfect body’s line and his ass still tight as ever. Yunho wanted him. For a moment he try to forget about his past, about his life, about himself, about jaejoong and his new found son.



Yunho leaned and kiss him, changmin knew what his husband wants, he lift himself over and put yunho’s cock in his ass.



“Ughh..” changmin slammed himself down, yunho moaned for the heat surrounding his cock. Changmin wrapped his arms around his neck and crashed his lips to his. He back to lifted himself up and slowly back down again. Yunho can’t take the slow pace, he lifted changmin up and slammed him back down as he thrust up.



Changmin threw his head back and moaned when yunho hit his spot. “Gosh..yes..there..again”



It turns to be yunho who took complete control, he lifting him up and slamming back down all over again making changmin cry out for him every time yunho’s cock hit his spot. “Harder..harder”



It felt too good changmin rode him faster as yunho hit his spot with each deeper thrust.



But for both it was not enough, changmin was crying out for more, he started shuddering when he felt his climax getting closer, he wants yunho to go faster and deeper.



Yunho noticed how changmin love rough sex, he can read unsatisfied expression from his wife’s face. He pulled out his cock and before changmin say anything for the lost feeling of cock from his ass, he pinned changmin’s body underneath him, he was positioned his cock against changmin’s hole.



“Oh..” Changmin felt yunho’s cock pressing at his enterance and then slammed hard inside him, he moaned out as yunho pulled out again and slammed fully back. “Yes faster..” he demanded, yunho heard it and he started thrusting, with this position his cock can buried deeper, he move faster and harder over and over again.


Changmin stroked his cock as yunho increased his speed. “Yunho!!!” Changmin scream was heard throughout the whole house, didn’t care if the house keeper can heard them having sex. His body shaking as he exploded his seed onto the sofa.



He felt yunho shuddered against him as he came inside, both now catching their breath.



Minutes later, yunho fall on top of him, changmin laughed when he realize that his husband already drifted to sleep. He get up carefully from him, amazing sensation hit him when yunho’s seed drowning from his ass. Changmin put his robe to cover yunho’s body, he kiss yunho’s forehead before he went to take a shower, again. And that was the time when he heard yunho muttering something between his sleep, he leaned closer and heard the words, that names.



Jaejoong. That bitch.





Taemin was bored, tired and confused. Tomorrow is Monday, and heaven know how much he hate Monday because classed just started up again before he could enjoy his weekend. “Homework!” he gets up from his bed and check his book “Damn it how can I forget it! Now that crazy teacher will punish me tomorrow!” He sighed, it was math and he hates this subject so much! Well he hate all subject but math totally the one he hate the most.



“Must be from my father’s brain why I’m so weak on this subject” taemin threw the book he was trying to read on the floor. He prefer punishment than to finish his homework.



He looked at the clock in the wall, it was 10.00 pm, he should to sleep minutes later. But before he can shut his eyes another thought bubbling in his head, he remembered about his hyung who cried earlier, did something happen between his hyung and yunho? Maybe he can ask yunho about the real thing happened.



After a few minutes of frowning, he grabs his cell phone, and dial yunho’s number, but he canceled it seconds later, considering that the doctor must be sleeping at this hour. So instead he writes a message to him.



To : Old man

Oppa why you suddenly left today? I have thing to ask you, can we have lunch together again later?



Taemin push send button, he smiling like a girl, before he going to sleep, he open his photo’s folder in his cellphone and pick one pic.



It was the yunho’s pic, he always looks at his picture he took secretly before going to sleep.



“Good night oppa, I love you “


He said before he fell back onto his pillow to sleep.












~to be continue

Lies ~ Chapter 1


Cr: Orig Owner


This story inspired by the picture above, I hope if you the original owner of that pic, you don’t mind that I use it as my poster, thank you so much for your pic, I really love it


Warning : AU/Angst/NC 17/Mpreg


Pairing : Yunho/ Jaejoong (Yunjae), Yunho/ Taemin (Yuntae)


Author Rant : If you dislike Yunjae or Yuntae click back, and if mpreg is not cup of your tea then GTFO, I don’t want you to rant about my fics in your twitter! Hell yes I love yuntae, homin, yunjae and yunram. If you hate the way I ship them, the door is open for you to leave 〆(`・∀・´o)


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Yunho date jaejoong for almost a year in their high school, both deeply in love, they ignore the biggest border between them, yunho coming from wealthy family while jaejoong just an orphan, yunho reassured him that he will accept jaejoong no matter what,


They spent so many times together with his love, they both loved and laugh together. When jaejoong sure that this love will last forever, he was wrong. Suddenly yunho changed, he become so cold and avoid jaejoong, he thought the other man just need more space for himself. One day jaejoong found himself that he is pregnant with yunho’s child. The reaction from yunho is so far away from what he expected. Yunho refused to responsible and told jaejoong to abort the child.



Kim jaejoong always thought that life was good. He was young and his life always wonderful. Lately he’s dating someone, his friend in high school, Jung yunho. Handsome guy who love to dance and has charismatic aura around him, yunho always popular among other students, he is coming from wealthy family, his father known as best lawyer in south korea.




At first, jaejoong always recognize yunho as egotistic and obnoxious brat for his behaviour, but it turns to be friendship after the teacher pairs them in biology class. Jaejoong realize that yunho only put cold mask to cover his true self, he then knew that yunho hate it when people try to approach him just because he is son of jung.



Three months after they finish their project in biology, they keep seeing each other. Yunho always told jaejoong that he is funny and easy going, he glad to make yunho laugh for his jokes.


He still remembers when yunho told him that his life feels brighter after Jaejoong come into his life. Jaejoong was the man that yunho had been searching for in his whole life. Yunho treated jaejoong so gently.



Jaejoong promise himself that will give yunho anything to make him happy and forget about the burden he has for his family. Next month after they dated, Yunho decide to move in his own apartment his family bought for him. The apartment is so luxurious, sometimes he felt so dirty to touch yunho, the man is like a prince from other world while he just a filthy orphan.



But he doesn’t care since yunho reassured him that he will accept jaejoong no matter what, yunho was madly and deeply in love with jaejoong so he didn’t give a fuck for little things like that.



Jaejoong couldn’t be happier, he now has someone to share and also he has more time to spend together with his love. “I love you boojae..” that’s what yunho always said to him. They spent so many time, they both loved and laughed together.



This love will last forever, nothing could change that.

Or so jaejoong thought


There was no sign of trouble until yunho acting strange, he wasn’t as talkative as he used to be. Yunho rare to ask him sleep over in his apartment again, though jaejoong come over, it was for sex only and soon after they finished yunho will ask him to go home.



Something definitely wrong, when they had sex, yunho never kiss him again. Yunho always said that kissing is something sacred, it share between lovers who deeply in love.



One day yunho asked jaejoong if it would be okay if they spend some time apart. Jaejoong reluctantly agreed with yunho request. He left behind with a broken heart. In school, they never speak or sneaking in the janitor room in lunch time anymore for kissing passionately before they can spend private time in yunho’s apartment.


Yunho become completely a stranger for him.


Jaejoong is not ready to begin living alone again, he is orphan now, sure he has no trouble for money since their parents left him amount of money in bank, so he can survive at least until he graduated from high school.



He used to be lonely, but then he used with yunho beside him, he tried many times to call yunho but he never answer and never reply his messages.



How could someone who seemed to be so deeply in love with him not wants to talk with him anymore? Did yunho have a heart? How could his feelings for him die so quickly? What did jaejoong did wrong? He was incredibly confused.



He doesn’t want to push yunho to love him fully, but then it was change when he started to throw up every morning in the bathroom. He thought he’s going to die for uncured disease, but when the doctor told him that he’s pregnant, he exclaimed happily and can’t stop to giggling.



I’m pregnant.. with yunho’s child.. my child.. our child..


He’s happy, and he thought yunho gonna be happy too.




“Yun.. I’m..” jaejoong paused “I’m pregnant yunho” he finish his words before yunho can blink.


“What?” Yunho’s eyes wide open, his mouth gaped.


“I’m pregnant yunho.. two weeks already..with your child”



Yunho thought that maybe he misheard but when he ask jaejoong and get same answer his heart felt like stopped beating.



Jaejoong bit his lower lips, he could see how mess up yunho expression right now, it was shock, disbelief, anger and doubts written all over his face.



Yunho looked up sharply at jaejoong, there was only seriousness no tenderness at all. “So?”



“What do you mean? This child is yours yun..” Jaejoong really want to cries desperately.



Jaejoong was looking at him, waiting for older boy to talk but yunho was at a loss of words, for the first time in his life.



“How could you prove it, it can be anyone child!”



“Yunho! How could you say that to me! You know I never slept with anyone else but you!”



He knew it, jaejoong will never slept with anyone else, he just tried to find excuse, he didn’t want to become a father, he’s not ready yet, he just sixteen, his parent going to kill him if they knew it.



He cursed at his horny self, it was his fault, with his high sex drive, he always ended up to fuck jaejoong in almost chances, and it was his fault to that he lost count how many times he came inside jaejoong without condom.



“Damned!” He screamed, it was the first time he raised his voice in front of jaejoong, it was all too soon for him. He hadn’t enjoyed his life and so many things he wanted to do, he doesn’t want to tied down just because jaejoong pregnant with his child.


“It couldn’t be mine!”


Jaejoong gasped, he couldn’t believe it yunho will act that way, where all the love he said for him go. Maybe he’s too naïve, he should have known, what did he expect yunho to do, it so stupid that he even waiting for yunho to be happy after he told him “Yunho please don’t be like this, you know it was yours”



He wait for yunho to say something but he didn’t. “Fine..” said jaejoong, his voice catching as small sob escaped “I won’t push you to responsible if you don’t want anything to do with this child”



Yunho looked at jaejoong, he was grabbing his jacket in middle of the room and ready to leave from yunho’s apartment, his cheek rained down by tears. His body trembling, jaejoong doesn’t know if he can walk properly since his vision blurry by the tears.



Jaejoong should to know, how could he so stupid, how could he think that yunho want to build family with filthy orphan like him.



“Jaejoong!” yunho hold his arms, jaejoong stopped walking but he didn’t turn around, he avoided yunho’s eyes. Deep inside his heart, he wished that yunho would change his mind.



Yunho wrapped his arms around jaejoong, he rested his head on jaejoong’s shoulder and whispered seductively into jaejoong’s ear “jaejoong, you know I love you right?” he kiss jaejoong neck and lick the skin of jaejoong’s ear, jaejoong tensed for a moment but relaxed, he stop to crying for a moment, feeling the touch of yunho.





“Think about it, we’re sixteen, still so young to be parents for a child, we have so many things we want to do” Yunho keep kissing jaejoong neck, he even make kiss mark there, jaejoong felt yunho hard length pressing against his butt, jaejoong shut his eyes enjoying the touch, he knew yunho always horny, they just had three rounds sex before jaejoong told him the news, and now yunho hard again.



“Abort it jaejoong” said yunho softly.




Jaejoong eyes wide open, jaejoong turned around so quickly and slapped yunho hard on the face. Yunho touched his cheek, and glared hard at jaejoong.


“Are you crazy! How dare you hit me”


“Yes! I’m crazy! I’m crazy because I was fall in love with heartless bastard like you! How could you say that! Do you really want to kill our child?!”


Jaejoong felt miserable, his body shaking. All this time he was wrong, he always thought yunho had changed, he thought yunho was different “I really disappointed at you yunho”



Yunho can’t find right words to say, he finally say something that once more hurts jaejoong’s “That child is not mine..” Yunho looked straight into jaejoong’s eyes to find them burning with betrayal and rage, glaring with pure hatred.


Jaejoong walked out and slammed the door so hard. His heart breaking, he began to cry in his way through the corridor outside, he stop in the corner, crying so hard until he start to hyperventilate.


I know he never love me, I know our world is different, he is jung yunho after all. Jaejoong thought sadly.





“Oppa…” yunho blink and back to the boy who calling for him, his eyes look concern at him “Are you okay?”


“I’m fine, sorry ..”


“What are you thinking?” the boy pouted his lip “Do you felt bored to have lunch with me”


“What..? No! Of course not! I just remember something” Yunho stated simply, the boy raised narrow his eyes


“Don’t think about anything but me”


Yunho laughed, he pinched the boy nose who sitting in front of him, the boy glare at him “Oppa! It hurts!”


“I’m sorry but you’re too cute taemin…”


“Oppa stop treating me like a kid, I’m almost seventeen now!”


“Okay..okay.. can we start to eat now? I’m hungry”


The boy nodded. Yunho hide his smile when he secretly watching the boy, taemin, eating his food like five years old. He met the boy five months ago, he is one of his patient, the boy keep coming to the hospital just to meet him, and this boy ignored his warning not to call him oppa, but then when he knew that taemin has no parents just one brother, he taking the urge to be his another big brother. Taemin live alone just with his brother, the boy never told him about his parents and yunho didn’t ask him though.


At first he felt uneasy with taemin, but there was something about the boy that makes him felt happy whenever he around. Taemin remind him of jaejoong, his first love, the one he hurts the most.


He sighed, their child, it should be around taemin’s age if jaejoong didn’t abort it, No, if he never asked jaejoong to abort it. It was his fault after all, and now he can’t get rid of his past, he keep thinking about jaejoong and never forget him, his first love, the one in his life.


“Oppa.. would you come to my house today?” Taemin mumbled through his mouthful of food. “My hyung want to meet you, he said he want to meet the doctor who taking care of me”

“So he is hyung for you and I’m your oppa?” Yunho smirk but then turned immediately only to stare into another pouty lip. “Sure..we’ll go to your house after we finish our lunch, since I’m off of duty today”


They finish their lunch, at first they have small quarrel since the boy resist to pay for the bill. But then taemin gave up when yunho told him, if he resist to pay the bill, they won’t eat lunch together again. Yunho won with sulking taemin who now sit beside him in the way to the boy house.


“Hey come on, it’s normal for me to pay, stop sulking taemin, do you really think I’ll let you, high school boy to pay?”


Taemin was so deep into his thoughts that he jumped slightly when yunho poked him in the ribs. “Oppa!” Taemin snapped at yunho who was grinning sheepishly.


“I can’t concentrate driving if you keep sulking like that, you’ll grow older faster taemin if you always angry”


“I’m not angry, and I’m not old, I’m not like you who has many wrinkle in your face!” taemin sticking his tongue out and then back to stare at the view from the window.


Yunho laughed “Can’t help, maybe I’m thirty but I still have many girls falling in love with me”


“Thirty four not thirty, don’t forget that old man” Taemin spat to correct yunho’s words.


Yunho laughed so hard, sure is the boy never let him win every time they argue for something “And you’re seventeen years old teenage boy who love to make a friend with an old man”


Taemin’s mood worsened, yunho smirk, he like to tease the boy. Taemin stop to argue, he been paying attention to window, sometimes he humming a song, and it surprised yunho since the song was an old song he love to sing for jaejoong in the past before.


Tell me why, why did I end up falling in love with you

There isn’t anybody else, you’re the only one for me

If only you had known

I’ve felt the same for you


Minutes later yunho park the car in front of a small house, taemin run quickly inside, leave yunho alone in front door “Hyung.. I’m home”


Yunho stood dumbly, his eyes staring inside the house, it was small, but neat, so many picture of taemin in the wall, yunho smile when he saw taemin’s pic when he still a baby.


He held his breath as he heard footsteps coming to his direction


“Ah sorry to make you stand there..” Yunho head shot up immediately when he heard the familiar voice.


Yunho’s eyes widened in surprise at the man standing in front of him, and he felt his heart ached when he saw the state of the man was in. He was pale and he looked tired, and skinny. He had dark circles under his eyes. Tears were running down on the man’s cheeks, and his eyes full of horror after he saw yunho.



“Jae…” he said with soft voice mixture of fear and worry. Yunho paused to think for a while before saying. He surprised about the fact that taemin was brother of jaejoong.  But, jaejoong parents dead when he is fifteen, this kind of question running in his head but then suddenly everything clicked together like puzzles.


Taemin is not jaejoong’s brother, he is his son, their son, that day jaejoong lied to him when he said that he abort the child and he lied to taemin too when he said they’re brothers “Oh my God..” Yunho said as realization hit him square in the chest.



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Warning : This is Yunho x Taemin (Yuntae) fanfic. Seriously if you dislike this pairing why do you even care to visit this blog? Whatever enjoy (It should be one shot but too long so I cut it into two parts) three parts XD gomen i’m too excited and edit some scene XD




Chapter 2/2    2/3



Pairing : Yunho x Taemin (Yuntae)


Author : Boongie


Special for my cute bff popo ;p nih wit kasih updateannya XD



Yunho fell in love with his best friend younger brother, Taemin. The problem is taemin only look at him as brother.









“Hyung! Yunho hyung!” Little taemin suddenly grabbed the older boy’s hand and asked to follow him.





“What happened taeminie?” asked yunho confused but he still followed little boy.




Then they stop at the big tree beside his house, he pointed at something “Hyung, help that kitty, he trapped in a branch” Taemin was near to tears.




At first yunho was little bit hesitant because the tree quiet high, but seeing how sad taemin when he saw that kitten make him felt helpless. He never wins against this cute little boy.




Yunho climbed the tree, he tried to rescue that little kitten. He got the kitten and put it in his arms, he slowly went down the tree but then he slipped off and fell on to the ground.




“Auchh ..” he shrieked in pain, his head hit the ground. The kitten runs away from his arms. Yunho glad that kitten is fine.





“Hyung..hyung..” Yunho heard taemin called his name and after that he passed out. He broke his arms, and spent whole week in his bed. When heechul visit him, taemin hide behind him, there is sorrow and guilty in his eyes.





“Taemin come here, don’t hide behind the door.. You said you want to meet yunho hyung?” Ask heechul.




Behind the door, Yunho saw little taemin standing there, shooking his head. “Taeminie don’t you missed me?” Yunho smiled to him. Taemin didn’t answered him.



The boy is sobbing.



Yunho get up from his bed and walked to him “Taeminie, I’m fine.. you don’t have to feel guilty because I want to save that kitten too”




“I’m sorry hyung.. I’m sorry” Yunho wiped his tears then hugged him with one broken arm. “It’s okay baby.. it’s okay”


..It’s okay..







Taemin giggling when he remembered it, it was happened in his young age when he around six. He always be such a spoiled baby around yunho. He sighed, he really missed yunho. How much longer he has to wait to meet him again.



Tonight he came home quite late, his mother asked him to buy something at the grocery store. He keep walking that night like he normally did. As he began to cross the street, he heard horn screeching as his body slammed on to the car.




It happened in short time, he didn’t even realize what’s going on. The last thing he remembered was the broken glass that rained down towards him. Then the screaming from a woman he never knew. People surrounding him and try to help him. The smell of gas filled the air as strong arms began to pull him out. There was a lot of blood, and it was coming from him, his forehead was bleeding he can feel it flow from his head. And after that, he passed out.








“Hyung ..“


Yunho turn his body towards the voice who called him.


“Taemin..?” he said surprised “When did you wake up?” He hugged the other boy into his embrace but the boy pushed him away. Yunho stared at him confused.


“Don’t touch me hyung.. “ Taemin said coldly.


“But why taemin? I don’t understand ..”Yunho approached him and tried to hold him again. “I.. I love you taemin”


Taemin stepped back, “I don’t ! I hate you hyung.. You’re the one who make me suffered like this, stay away from me!” He pointed at yunho, the boy’s face was very upset. When Yunho approached him, the boy had run away from him in the darkness.


“Taemin..!” He shouted






“Taemin!” Yunho opened his eyes, cold sweat dripping from his face. He looked around.


“Shit..” he cursed, “What a nightmare”



It was 06.30 in the morning. It was really really scary dream. For the first time in his life he felt thankful to alarm clock for waking him up.



He forgot that he is in his house now, heechul forbid him to stay a day longer in hospital since he hasn’t return home after he was comeback. “Two days is enough for you to look after him.. Now go home and have some rest for you, you don’t want to look like zombie when taemin wake up right?” that was what heechul said and after that he stop to argue with heechul and went back to his house.



He gets up from his bed and takes his morning shower. The cold water hit his head, he closed his eyes. He thought about the nightmare he had.



What if that dream come true..



What if taemin hate him ? What should I do if taemin doesn’t want to see me again after I hurts him



No.. I shouldn’t think it that far..



After that shower fresh, yunho got a call from Heechul said that Taemin had regained consciousness. He rushing to the hospital.



When Yunho got to the hospital, he saw heechul and his parents waiting outside the room.



“How is he chullie?” he blurted out



“We still waiting for the doctor to come out to explain it to us” heechul said, anxiety seen from his face.



Minutes later, the doctor came out from the room as he walked up to them.



“What’s wrong with Taemin?” Yunho grabbed the Dr by his shoulder, Heechul pulled yunho and asked him to calm down.



The doctor clears his throat “Patient Lee, he seems had lost his sight after the accident”



“What..” The four of them gasped, giving same reaction



“No!” screamed heechul’s mom as she began to cry. Heechul and his father hug her.



Yunho dumbfounded, tears began to roll freely down his cheek, his mouth widely open, his taemin, his baby taemin now will live forever in the dark. He will never see the world again.




His heart skipped, shoulders tensed when he heard taemin sobbing inside the room. Yunho stood at the door, watching the younger boy he loved cried.




“Mom, Dad was I blind?? Why can’t I see you” Taemin strangling grip on the bed sheets. Darkness enveloped everything around him.




His parents sobbing so hard, taemin get up from his bed but he tripped, he landed his face on the floor. He staggered to get up, Heechul help him but then taemin pushed his brother away from him.




After some struggling, taemin finally got to his feet. He looked around noticing that the world has changed, everything was nothing but black. He stood there and crying, his father tried to comfort him but heechul stop him. Taemin need time to adjust himself with his condition.




“Where are you mom” sobs “I can’t see you”



Taemin stunned, he froze in disbelief. Frustrated, he started to break all stuff nearby. Heechul runs to hold taemin body firmly when his younger brother getting hysterical.




His wrist bleeding because Taemin forced remove the infusion needle from his hand.





“Get out! Get out from here! Leave me alone!” He screaming, heechul almost lose his balance when taemin struggling to break free, heechul folded his hand behind his back. “I don’t want to live like this!! Let me die!”




Yunho was unable to move, his heart is broken when he see taemin hysterics like that. Nurses come close to taemin, heechul hold him tightly, Taemin finally settled down after they injected him. Heechul lays taemin body into the bed.





Can’t watch any longer, taemin’s mom collapsed, mr. lee carried her in his embrace. Heechul helped his dad.




“Yunho please watch taemin, ..”



Yunho nodded.




The nurses go after tidy up the messy stuff.




The younger boy lay on the bed, Yunho made quiet noise to make his presence known.




Taemin started to hyperventilate. Yunho looked at him and his eyes met taemin’s and stayed on him, but taemin staring blankly at him. Yunho walked toward him, his eyes never leaving taemin’s.




“Mom? Is that you?” he was a little tired and felt the feeling of suffocation



Yunho didn’t answer, taemin pouted his lips.



“Mom.. ?”he asked again.




Yunho sit on the edge of the bed. He caressed taemin’s cheek, it was pretty as ever. He looks like an angel.




Taemin take his hand and held yunho. His hand is shaking. He knew this hand, he knew this beautiful fingers. Taemin’s lips trembling as he started to notice who it was.




“Yunho that you?”




While taemin held his hand, yunho think he can’t hold his tears again. He tried so hard to make his voice steady. He leaning in just enough to whisper “It’s me taemin..”




“Hyung… “ Taemin gasping for breath and he started to cry. Yunho kissed him on his cheek and after that taemin went to sleep. He unconscious after heavily sedated. Yunho tighten up his grip and stay beside him.





“I’m sorry taemin, I’m sorry to make you sad, I promise I will never leave you again”






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Warning : This is Yunho x Taemin (Yuntae) fanfic. Seriously if you dislike this pairing why do you even care to visit this blog? Whatever enjoy (It should be one shot but too long so I cut it into two parts)




This fanfic for you @KimchiJungie 🙂 hope you doing great with your paper task and dedicated for you @choon because you always wrote yuntae fic for me yet I never made one for you XD/\XD



Pairing : Yunho x Taemin (Yuntae)



Author : Boongie



Chapter 1/2




Yunho fell in love with his best friend younger brother, Taemin. The problem is taemin only look at him as brother.







Yunho always love taemin since he was little. He was yunho’s best friend young brother, heechul, and they have known each other since they were small. Nothing he can say about taemin, he always be such a cry baby since they were a little.




As a baby, taemin was so attached to Yunho that his mother and his own brother heechul was confused why taemin always chose yunho instead of him, his real brother.




Yunho could still remember the first time they met, taemin was five years old that time and yunho was thirteen. It was on hot summer when he and his family just moved out to a house which two blocks away from yunho’s.




Yunho saw a moving truck coming down the street, curious he approaching the house to see it. He saw a boy around his age, but seems to be older than him and then he saw the father and mother. What a happy family, he thought.




When Yunho turn his body, there was a little kid who grabbing his shirt and glance at him with his puppy eyes.




He had long straight hair and plum pinky lips, his skin is fair and he has pretty eyes. Everything in him made everyone who saw him think he was a girl instead of boy at first.




“Candy..” he pointed at the lollipop yunho held in his hand.




Little taemin continued to watch him, but actually his eyes focused on the candy. He pouted his lips when yunho not giving his candy to him.




“Candy..!” He said again and now his eyes teary.




“Ah don’t cry, here here for you, please don’t cry okay” He give him new candy from his pocket, glad that he bought two candy before.





“Thanks” he picked the candy and run back to his parents. His parents looked up at yunho and bowed politely.




“Thank you” they smiled.




Yunho saw the boy waved his hand as he asked his mom to open the candy for him.




“Sorry for troubling you” the older boy came to him “By the way I’m Heechul, my family just move up to this neighborhood”




Yunho shakes his hand “I’m Yunho”




After that day, yunho become best friends with heechul. They play football and go to school together. Sometimes yunho ask heechul to help him in his homework especially math because he really bad at that subject. That’s why he often to come to his house. Everytime yunho come to heechul house, little taemin will hurriedly jump into him. He stubbornly sat on yunho lap, not moving though his mom tried to pulled him off. Then they will end up not doing their homework since taemin crying whole day if yunho not fulfill his wishes to play with him.




Taemin more and more clinging onto him, there was even a time when he fell off the bike when taemin tried to catch up with yunho and heechul in a race they had. Yunho felt guilty because of it. That day, he played with taemin whole night. Taemin didn’t let him home so he stayed in heechul house and sleep together with taemin. Taemin hold yunho hand tightly in his sleep.




As time passed, they grew up together, Yunho found himself that he always love the way taemin laughs or the way he bite his lower lips when he nervous and even the way he cries over some sad silly movie. He thought why all of the girls he dated never been cuter or prettier that taemin. Why he always compare them with taemin?




Yunho love him not only because he’s pretty as a boy but also because when taemin beside him, yunho feel so alive and loved. He noticed that his feeling towards him were slowly changing, is not only brotherly love. He started to thinking about taemin almost at night, dreaming that he and taemin can spend their time together all the time. He doesn’t want to let him go.




Yunho then realized that he is falling in love with his best friend little brother. He tried so many times to deny the feelings. Because it hurts so much to know that there were so many things he wanted to tell taemin but he can’t do it. He was scared to imagine what would happen if taemin knew his true feelings. Yunho was afraid of losing him, and he doesn’t want to disappointed heechul because maybe he’ll thought that yunho just using their friendship to get closer with taemin. He kept his feeling hidden, locking in the deepest place inside his heart. He promised himself that he’ll never tell taemin his feeling. Because taemin only to see him as hyung.




In the cold autumn in his 22, he saw taemin walking together with a girl. Heechul told him that she is sully, taemin girlfriend. Yunho couldn’t believe it at first, but to see how happy they were together breaking his heart into pieces. Yunho felt betrayed by taemin.
The next few days, Yunho tried to ignore taemin, scare that taemin may see pain in his eyes.




One day, when he on the way home after his college, yunho saw taemin again with that girl. They kissed in the street. Taemin blushed when he realized that yunho watched him, but yunho just pretended not too see them. His heart aches, he really wanted to push the girl from his side. It hurts him so much to see the boy he love for along time was now owned by someone else. That now taemin smiled because of someone else.




Yunho sighed, he knew that sully is pretty and she looks like nice girl and with taemin they make perfect couple. No reason for him to hate her.




Since that night he avoided taemin. Yunho never return his calls, even if taemin come to his house he wouldn’t see him. If they meet again on the street yunho will go to another direction right before taemin could approached him. It also hurts to do those things but yunho thought that this was the best way to forget him. Those months were tormenting, yunho realize he can’t avoided him all the time. As long as they still in same neighborhood, he will always meet him.




He whispered the words “I love you.. taemin” and then he decided to move to Busan after he graduated.




He works as accounting and never comeback to his hometown.




Heechul was scolded him because not saying proper good bye to him, yunho laughed as he heard the sounds of his best friend sobs through the phone.




Then they said nothing.




“Where is taemin..?” Yunho cut the silence between them




“He is in his room now, you know he was so upset because you didn’t told him that you’re moved, you have to see his face when your mother told him that you’re gone” Heechul paused “Why yun? Why you didn’t say anything to him it was okay for me but taemin, he always thought of you as his brother, he even love you more than me”




”I know.. maybe I sound selfish but.. “ another paused “But I have my own reason chullie, please tell him I’m sorry”




”You tell him by yourself, I don’t want to be part of it” Yunho chuckled and after that the phone was hung up.



Yunho put his phone on the table beside his bed, he buried his head on the pillow. He stared at the curved on his wall. Thinking how he turned to be such a selfish jerks like this. He shouldn’t hurt taemin, it was not his fault to fall in love with that girl.




It’s normal for a boy in taemin age to have a crush on a girl, or to kiss his girlfriend.




It was him who wrong from the beginning, he shouldn’t to fell in love with him. He shouldn’t to avoid him. Yunho notices how many times taemin tried to talking to him but he never gave him the chances to do so. The reason is because he was too afraid to hear that taemin will say that he love that girl not him.




It was a year after he left his hometown, yunho tried to start a new life with his works and his love. Many girls come into his life, beautiful, cute, smarts all of the girl want to be his lover. But his mind still thinking of taemin. He tried not to think of him but still he couldn’t stop himself from loving him. Taemin is become for something in his life, like he was the main reason why he was born in this world from the first place.




On the day of his work day, yunho usually spend his lunch break in cafeteria, he loves the view from this place, he can clearly see the city from here. He put the spoon back when his phone vibrates.



It was heechul.




“Chullie?” he said confused when heechul call him suddenly.



“Yun..”he sobs “could you please come back here, I’m begging you?”



“What happened chullie?” he getting more and more confused.




“Please yun.. please for taemin” his voice cracking, and after that he hung up the phone. He tried to call heechul back but the phone couldn’t be reached.





Did something happen with taemin? His mind snapped at the thought. He called his mother hoping that maybe his mom knew what exactly happen.




But his mom didn’t say anything, she just said “Just home as soon as possible, taemin needs you”




God please tell me he was okay




Yunho buy first ticket and rushed to the airport to his hometown. As he got off the plane, he went to heechul house directly, desperate to see taemin, to hug him then tell him that he missed him and that he loved him for a long time.




Yunho arrived at their house, he saw taemin’s mom there.




“Auntie.. “ Yunho bowed, he lacks of oxygen as he tried to breaths after running from here and there. She didn’t smiled, yunho never see her like that before. Dark circles around her eyes, and her face look so exhausted.  All yunho saw was sadness in her eyes. She hugs yunho and cried in his chest “Taemin.. he had an accident yun..”




“What..” His body shaking after he heard it, tears run down his cheek.




Yunho stand there, with heechul and his parents, he come to the hospital. He dropped on his knees when he saw taemin lying there unconsciously. Taemin look skinnier than the last time yunho met him.




The beeping sounds coming from the mechine, echoing through the room as sign for everyone that taemin still alive.




Three days ago, taemin got a hit by a car in his way home. After that he never opens his eyes again. Yunho couldn’t believe at what he saw and desperately tried to convincing himself that it was just a nightmare and he would wake up soon. He closed his eyes and counting until 10, but when he opened his eyes, he still see taemin, with a mask on his face to help him breathing and an infusion inserted into his skin through the needle that made his fragile wrist turn into a purple.




It’s real, everything he saw is real, those bruises in taemin body, those bloods that stained in his lower lips. It’s real.




Yunho stared at taemin in disbelief with his eyes searching for explanations and he slowly started saying crying “Taemin.. taemin I’m here.. I’m here.. please open your eyes” This time yunho want to let him know his true feelings for him, he couldn’t keep it anymore.




“Taemin.. I’m sorry .. please don’t be like this.. open your eyes please..” Yunho hold taemin hand tightly, his visions blurred because of the tears that flooded his eyes.










He stayed there beside taemin whole night. Next morning he wake up after the bright light that coming through the curtain hit his eyes.





“Morning yun” he open his eyes widely, hoping that it was taemin, but taemin still hasn’t open his eyes. Yunho smiled bitterly, he looked at the man beside him, his best friend heechul.




“Morning” heechul pat his shoulder ”Where is your parents chullie?”




“I sent them back home, they need to rest” yunho nodded.




Heechul pull out the chair and sit beside yunho.




“You should to go home first yun, you still had jet lag from your flight, have proper rest in your house”




He shook his head “No, I want to stay here”




Heechul sigh, he is the one who asked yunho to come home and he felt guilty for troubled him. But heechul knew, if he didn’t told yunho, this man will angrier at him if something really bad happen and yunho is the last to know.



Because he really love taemin, though sometimes he thought yunho love for his dongsaeng more than just brotherly love.




“I don’t know should I give you this or not.. ”.




“What is this?” Yunho pointed at the letter in heechul hand.




“The nurse give me this, she said she found it in taemin pocket when the accident happen.. there was your name on it so I think that was for you” Heechul handed him the letter, realized that maybe it was something important, he left yunho alone with taemin.



Yunho gulped, there was taemin’s blood in the envelope, he opened it with shaking hands and started reading it..



Hyung.. I know, I’m a coward because I can’t tell you what I feel directly. And maybe after you read this letter you will more hate me.




 I just want to tell you that I feel very happy that I meet you. You always be hyung for me, you always protect me. The happiest day of my life was when you were beside me.




Every time you held my hand, it felt like my dream coming true that I can be with you forever. I love you so much that I even many times tried to fool myself that you love me too. But I know, you just looked at me as your dongsaeng.




Many things I did to make you fall in love with me, I purposely date the girl to make you jealous. That night.. I knew you will come home with your usual route, so I just bring her there, I want you to see me kissed her.




You had that pain look in your eyes and I thought because you were jealous. I imagine that after I did it, you’ll tell me that you love me too. But I was wrong, it never happened. I just make it worse.




You continuously avoided me, I felt the world crushing on me. I felt so much pain hyung.




So many times I tried to approaches you and i wanted to tell you… how much I loved you but you never give me chance. Sometimes I wonder did you avoid me because you know what I did.




I came to your house and your mom said you’re gone. I can’t stop crying that day to face the reality that I have to wake up in the morning without you around me anymore. Every time I dreamed of you at night afraid to think that you’re out there with another girl. I can’t bear to see you with another girl, I just want you all to myself.




I’m pathetic hyung, I’m selfish brat who wants to have you for me alone.




Now you know the real me, I won’t blame you if you hate me. I just want you to know that I will always love you and my heart has always been and will be yours alone.




I’m so sorry hyung. I’m sorry that I love you.





Yunho felt his tears falling as he folded the letter, he really want to let taemin know that he love him as much as he did for him. Yunho wants taemin to know that he love him more than anything in this world. He put taemin hand and place it in his cheek, he continued crying softly




“I love you taemin, I love you, I love you..” he whispered






















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