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Pairing : Yunho x Taemin (Yuntae)



Author : Boongie



Chapter 1/2




Yunho fell in love with his best friend younger brother, Taemin. The problem is taemin only look at him as brother.







Yunho always love taemin since he was little. He was yunho’s best friend young brother, heechul, and they have known each other since they were small. Nothing he can say about taemin, he always be such a cry baby since they were a little.




As a baby, taemin was so attached to Yunho that his mother and his own brother heechul was confused why taemin always chose yunho instead of him, his real brother.




Yunho could still remember the first time they met, taemin was five years old that time and yunho was thirteen. It was on hot summer when he and his family just moved out to a house which two blocks away from yunho’s.




Yunho saw a moving truck coming down the street, curious he approaching the house to see it. He saw a boy around his age, but seems to be older than him and then he saw the father and mother. What a happy family, he thought.




When Yunho turn his body, there was a little kid who grabbing his shirt and glance at him with his puppy eyes.




He had long straight hair and plum pinky lips, his skin is fair and he has pretty eyes. Everything in him made everyone who saw him think he was a girl instead of boy at first.




“Candy..” he pointed at the lollipop yunho held in his hand.




Little taemin continued to watch him, but actually his eyes focused on the candy. He pouted his lips when yunho not giving his candy to him.




“Candy..!” He said again and now his eyes teary.




“Ah don’t cry, here here for you, please don’t cry okay” He give him new candy from his pocket, glad that he bought two candy before.





“Thanks” he picked the candy and run back to his parents. His parents looked up at yunho and bowed politely.




“Thank you” they smiled.




Yunho saw the boy waved his hand as he asked his mom to open the candy for him.




“Sorry for troubling you” the older boy came to him “By the way I’m Heechul, my family just move up to this neighborhood”




Yunho shakes his hand “I’m Yunho”




After that day, yunho become best friends with heechul. They play football and go to school together. Sometimes yunho ask heechul to help him in his homework especially math because he really bad at that subject. That’s why he often to come to his house. Everytime yunho come to heechul house, little taemin will hurriedly jump into him. He stubbornly sat on yunho lap, not moving though his mom tried to pulled him off. Then they will end up not doing their homework since taemin crying whole day if yunho not fulfill his wishes to play with him.




Taemin more and more clinging onto him, there was even a time when he fell off the bike when taemin tried to catch up with yunho and heechul in a race they had. Yunho felt guilty because of it. That day, he played with taemin whole night. Taemin didn’t let him home so he stayed in heechul house and sleep together with taemin. Taemin hold yunho hand tightly in his sleep.




As time passed, they grew up together, Yunho found himself that he always love the way taemin laughs or the way he bite his lower lips when he nervous and even the way he cries over some sad silly movie. He thought why all of the girls he dated never been cuter or prettier that taemin. Why he always compare them with taemin?




Yunho love him not only because he’s pretty as a boy but also because when taemin beside him, yunho feel so alive and loved. He noticed that his feeling towards him were slowly changing, is not only brotherly love. He started to thinking about taemin almost at night, dreaming that he and taemin can spend their time together all the time. He doesn’t want to let him go.




Yunho then realized that he is falling in love with his best friend little brother. He tried so many times to deny the feelings. Because it hurts so much to know that there were so many things he wanted to tell taemin but he can’t do it. He was scared to imagine what would happen if taemin knew his true feelings. Yunho was afraid of losing him, and he doesn’t want to disappointed heechul because maybe he’ll thought that yunho just using their friendship to get closer with taemin. He kept his feeling hidden, locking in the deepest place inside his heart. He promised himself that he’ll never tell taemin his feeling. Because taemin only to see him as hyung.




In the cold autumn in his 22, he saw taemin walking together with a girl. Heechul told him that she is sully, taemin girlfriend. Yunho couldn’t believe it at first, but to see how happy they were together breaking his heart into pieces. Yunho felt betrayed by taemin.
The next few days, Yunho tried to ignore taemin, scare that taemin may see pain in his eyes.




One day, when he on the way home after his college, yunho saw taemin again with that girl. They kissed in the street. Taemin blushed when he realized that yunho watched him, but yunho just pretended not too see them. His heart aches, he really wanted to push the girl from his side. It hurts him so much to see the boy he love for along time was now owned by someone else. That now taemin smiled because of someone else.




Yunho sighed, he knew that sully is pretty and she looks like nice girl and with taemin they make perfect couple. No reason for him to hate her.




Since that night he avoided taemin. Yunho never return his calls, even if taemin come to his house he wouldn’t see him. If they meet again on the street yunho will go to another direction right before taemin could approached him. It also hurts to do those things but yunho thought that this was the best way to forget him. Those months were tormenting, yunho realize he can’t avoided him all the time. As long as they still in same neighborhood, he will always meet him.




He whispered the words “I love you.. taemin” and then he decided to move to Busan after he graduated.




He works as accounting and never comeback to his hometown.




Heechul was scolded him because not saying proper good bye to him, yunho laughed as he heard the sounds of his best friend sobs through the phone.




Then they said nothing.




“Where is taemin..?” Yunho cut the silence between them




“He is in his room now, you know he was so upset because you didn’t told him that you’re moved, you have to see his face when your mother told him that you’re gone” Heechul paused “Why yun? Why you didn’t say anything to him it was okay for me but taemin, he always thought of you as his brother, he even love you more than me”




”I know.. maybe I sound selfish but.. “ another paused “But I have my own reason chullie, please tell him I’m sorry”




”You tell him by yourself, I don’t want to be part of it” Yunho chuckled and after that the phone was hung up.



Yunho put his phone on the table beside his bed, he buried his head on the pillow. He stared at the curved on his wall. Thinking how he turned to be such a selfish jerks like this. He shouldn’t hurt taemin, it was not his fault to fall in love with that girl.




It’s normal for a boy in taemin age to have a crush on a girl, or to kiss his girlfriend.




It was him who wrong from the beginning, he shouldn’t to fell in love with him. He shouldn’t to avoid him. Yunho notices how many times taemin tried to talking to him but he never gave him the chances to do so. The reason is because he was too afraid to hear that taemin will say that he love that girl not him.




It was a year after he left his hometown, yunho tried to start a new life with his works and his love. Many girls come into his life, beautiful, cute, smarts all of the girl want to be his lover. But his mind still thinking of taemin. He tried not to think of him but still he couldn’t stop himself from loving him. Taemin is become for something in his life, like he was the main reason why he was born in this world from the first place.




On the day of his work day, yunho usually spend his lunch break in cafeteria, he loves the view from this place, he can clearly see the city from here. He put the spoon back when his phone vibrates.



It was heechul.




“Chullie?” he said confused when heechul call him suddenly.



“Yun..”he sobs “could you please come back here, I’m begging you?”



“What happened chullie?” he getting more and more confused.




“Please yun.. please for taemin” his voice cracking, and after that he hung up the phone. He tried to call heechul back but the phone couldn’t be reached.





Did something happen with taemin? His mind snapped at the thought. He called his mother hoping that maybe his mom knew what exactly happen.




But his mom didn’t say anything, she just said “Just home as soon as possible, taemin needs you”




God please tell me he was okay




Yunho buy first ticket and rushed to the airport to his hometown. As he got off the plane, he went to heechul house directly, desperate to see taemin, to hug him then tell him that he missed him and that he loved him for a long time.




Yunho arrived at their house, he saw taemin’s mom there.




“Auntie.. “ Yunho bowed, he lacks of oxygen as he tried to breaths after running from here and there. She didn’t smiled, yunho never see her like that before. Dark circles around her eyes, and her face look so exhausted.  All yunho saw was sadness in her eyes. She hugs yunho and cried in his chest “Taemin.. he had an accident yun..”




“What..” His body shaking after he heard it, tears run down his cheek.




Yunho stand there, with heechul and his parents, he come to the hospital. He dropped on his knees when he saw taemin lying there unconsciously. Taemin look skinnier than the last time yunho met him.




The beeping sounds coming from the mechine, echoing through the room as sign for everyone that taemin still alive.




Three days ago, taemin got a hit by a car in his way home. After that he never opens his eyes again. Yunho couldn’t believe at what he saw and desperately tried to convincing himself that it was just a nightmare and he would wake up soon. He closed his eyes and counting until 10, but when he opened his eyes, he still see taemin, with a mask on his face to help him breathing and an infusion inserted into his skin through the needle that made his fragile wrist turn into a purple.




It’s real, everything he saw is real, those bruises in taemin body, those bloods that stained in his lower lips. It’s real.




Yunho stared at taemin in disbelief with his eyes searching for explanations and he slowly started saying crying “Taemin.. taemin I’m here.. I’m here.. please open your eyes” This time yunho want to let him know his true feelings for him, he couldn’t keep it anymore.




“Taemin.. I’m sorry .. please don’t be like this.. open your eyes please..” Yunho hold taemin hand tightly, his visions blurred because of the tears that flooded his eyes.










He stayed there beside taemin whole night. Next morning he wake up after the bright light that coming through the curtain hit his eyes.





“Morning yun” he open his eyes widely, hoping that it was taemin, but taemin still hasn’t open his eyes. Yunho smiled bitterly, he looked at the man beside him, his best friend heechul.




“Morning” heechul pat his shoulder ”Where is your parents chullie?”




“I sent them back home, they need to rest” yunho nodded.




Heechul pull out the chair and sit beside yunho.




“You should to go home first yun, you still had jet lag from your flight, have proper rest in your house”




He shook his head “No, I want to stay here”




Heechul sigh, he is the one who asked yunho to come home and he felt guilty for troubled him. But heechul knew, if he didn’t told yunho, this man will angrier at him if something really bad happen and yunho is the last to know.



Because he really love taemin, though sometimes he thought yunho love for his dongsaeng more than just brotherly love.




“I don’t know should I give you this or not.. ”.




“What is this?” Yunho pointed at the letter in heechul hand.




“The nurse give me this, she said she found it in taemin pocket when the accident happen.. there was your name on it so I think that was for you” Heechul handed him the letter, realized that maybe it was something important, he left yunho alone with taemin.



Yunho gulped, there was taemin’s blood in the envelope, he opened it with shaking hands and started reading it..



Hyung.. I know, I’m a coward because I can’t tell you what I feel directly. And maybe after you read this letter you will more hate me.




 I just want to tell you that I feel very happy that I meet you. You always be hyung for me, you always protect me. The happiest day of my life was when you were beside me.




Every time you held my hand, it felt like my dream coming true that I can be with you forever. I love you so much that I even many times tried to fool myself that you love me too. But I know, you just looked at me as your dongsaeng.




Many things I did to make you fall in love with me, I purposely date the girl to make you jealous. That night.. I knew you will come home with your usual route, so I just bring her there, I want you to see me kissed her.




You had that pain look in your eyes and I thought because you were jealous. I imagine that after I did it, you’ll tell me that you love me too. But I was wrong, it never happened. I just make it worse.




You continuously avoided me, I felt the world crushing on me. I felt so much pain hyung.




So many times I tried to approaches you and i wanted to tell you… how much I loved you but you never give me chance. Sometimes I wonder did you avoid me because you know what I did.




I came to your house and your mom said you’re gone. I can’t stop crying that day to face the reality that I have to wake up in the morning without you around me anymore. Every time I dreamed of you at night afraid to think that you’re out there with another girl. I can’t bear to see you with another girl, I just want you all to myself.




I’m pathetic hyung, I’m selfish brat who wants to have you for me alone.




Now you know the real me, I won’t blame you if you hate me. I just want you to know that I will always love you and my heart has always been and will be yours alone.




I’m so sorry hyung. I’m sorry that I love you.





Yunho felt his tears falling as he folded the letter, he really want to let taemin know that he love him as much as he did for him. Yunho wants taemin to know that he love him more than anything in this world. He put taemin hand and place it in his cheek, he continued crying softly




“I love you taemin, I love you, I love you..” he whispered






















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