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A day with Yuntae and Yunram XD

This is for fun only

Enjoy XD







Karam : My hyung love me so much







Yunram make a good couple






Taemin : Dude you must be kidding me! Yunho love me







Taemin : See? I told you everybody love Yuntae XD








Changmin : Yeah! I love Yuntae

















Karam : …..











By : Pic by KimchiJungie

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Hope you enjoy this one  XD


If Love Just That Simple

Poster by admin @KimchiJungie





Pairing : Yunho/ Taemin (Yuntae)

Summary : Taemin fell in love with his English teacher

Cute/ Romance

Warning : This is Yunho / Taemin (Yuntae) if you don’t like this pairing the door is open for you to walk away from this blog :p Whatever enjoy this one

–   Actually this one shot is part for my next Yuntae fanfic – xD

Fanfic by : BoongieJoongie

Poster by : KimchiJungie

Wrote this for Kim :p




It was the middle of summer which hot smoldering days but cool breezy at nights. Tonight is perfect for every couple to lying under the stars with the one they love. And that was what Taemin did tonight.





He knew he shouldn’t be lying to his mother that he stayed in his friend house to doing some homework, he knew, but he couldn’t help because he finally can be with Yunho alone. It’s great chances to finally be with him without any distraction between them.




Yunho is his first love and maybe be will be his last. He is handsome, loving and kind gentleman. Taemin couldn’t get Yunho out of his eyes when he first time come into his class as their new English teacher. At first glance, it was love at first sight for Taemin.




Yunho standing there, the sunlight hit his hair and swear to God at that time yunho is sparkling, his laugh is so precious and soon enough taemin’s heart melted.



Young Taemin fell in love in his 16 with his teacher who nine years older than him, but the age gap is not a big problem for love right? Well his mother would never agree with this, because first he fell in love with his teacher, second because the teacher is a man, third because the man is older than him.



But why taemin has to worry so much? It just 1% chances that Yunho would answer his feeling if he confess it, everyone love his new teacher. He couldn’t walk down the hall without being stopped by the girl students and he always took the time to chat with them. He always tried acknowledged everyone as if they were his best friends. Girls loved him, and even the boys.




That’s why he had little faith that Yunho even would notice his presence because he was just one among many other students. And all the rest couldn’t help but love him too. He knew, even if Yunho will date one of his students, he would be looking for the best because that’s what he deserved. Pretty girl with their cute voice, anyone but impossible it would be him. Taemin turned away, broken hearted even before he tell his feeling to his teacher.





But no one know what gonna happen next. Because one thing he knew is, right now he is staying in Yunho house, his lover. And no one in school knew about this because they keep playing secret about their relationship.





“I cooked this myself” Taemin said with a blush on his cheek “So if you don’t like it just pretend you enjoy it kay?” Yunho laugh, the first time he saw his student who always look serious in his class, red all over his face.






“Give it to me already taemin, I’m hungry” He handing the plate to Yunho “Don’t worry, I would love anything you cooked” and that make Taemin blush more. He took a bite. His eyes open wide as he take his first bite and taemin close his eyes because he can’t bear to see yunho puke because his cooking.




“It’s the best tteokbokki I’ve ever tasted taemin!”





“Really?” Taemin open his eyes don’t believe what he just heard.



“This is absolutely the best! You’re perfect” He said then taking another bite, not paying any attention how shy taemin had become. Taemin put his palm to cover his smile, his heart is pounding so hard when he watching how Yunho finish his meal.




When they finish their food, they sit for a while for talking. “I want to show you something” Yunho put the plate aside.



Taemin look at him wondering. “Come” Yunho said.



Yunho take his hand and walk to the pond in his backyard. “Wow, this is incredible, I can see whole town from here”




“Yes, because my house located on the hill, it was the highest point, so city view is all yours tonight” Yunho rubbed taemin’s hand and looked into his eyes. His touch is so light and caressing. So gentle. Taemin felt that he could just die right now because of it.




The moonlight makes it more romantic, yunho suddenly kneels down in front of taemin and taking his hand he says “Taemin, every second goes you are always on my mind, I can’t never think I can pass the day without you in it” He paused to take a breath “Would you stay beside me and love me forever?”




Taemin unable to give words for what he feeling, he tried to hold back the tears in his eyes but then the tears slipping down his cheek. Taemin put his arms around him and jump into yunho embrace, the tears start to pouring his eyes. “Yes, sensei, I’ll always be with you”




Yunho smiled, he takes the ring out from his pocket and slips it on taemin’s finger.







Taemin nods “I promise” and yunho hugs him closer to him.



Maybe it’s too soon for taemin to make a promise because he is too young and life will bring him into long journey. New people will come into his life, and maybe new love. Yunho realized it too, but if their love is real, they will ended up together no matter what obstacle test their love.




Taemin pulls his body away from yunho, they look into each other eyes “I love you” he whispers in yunho’s ear. Yunho smile, he has never been happier than today, he gently kissing taemin lips “I love you more taemin”






I love thee, as I love the calm
Of sweet, star-lighted hours
I love thee, as I love the balm
Of early  jes’mine flow’rs.

I Love Thee by Eliza Acton





XD love Yuntae they are so cute !!!



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