Chapter 2




“Give him something! You can’t let him die!” Taemin yelled behind the metal bars. “Are you deaf! Give him medicine!”



“Or what” the guards coming closer to him, at first taemin feel a lil bit startled “What are you gonna do huh? You should to know what your position, you have no right here!” The guards spat.


“His ally will come to rescue him! And you’ll be sorry when that time is come!”


“Really?” The guards laugh at him viciously, he lean his face closer to taemin, see same eyes level with him “He was abandoned and alone when we found him. His ally threw him away, like rubbish, left there to die” The guard voice is cold. Taemin’s eyes delighting in the shock and terror filling after he heard it. The guard smiled darkly, turning and walking away.


“I’ll pleasure you!” He screamed before the guard walk too far away from their cells.


The guard raised one of his eyebrow and turn his head to taemin. “I’ll do anything to please you. Come on, I know how lonely soldier can be in this solitary, you can use me to satisfied your sexual needs..”


“What makes you think i’ll accept your offer?” The guard crossed his arms in his chest.


“Just give me chance to prove how good it felt when my mouth sucks your cock”


The guard stay there, thinking hard about the consequences, taking prisoners out is too risky for him.


“I won’t tell anyone.. I just want you to give him medicine..and blanket” added taemin attempted not to pleaded too much.


“Why did you care so much for him” Said the guard, looking at taemin’s face.


“I don’t know either.. I just can’t let him die”


That day, the guard brought taemin into a small room, there was more light compare to his cell. Taemin kneeling down and took the man length in his mouth. After spilling his seed in his mouth, the guard keep his promise and give taemin medice and blanket to him.




Yunho awake with bandage around his body. Taemin staring at him with a smile on his face. “You awake Mr Jung?”


“How long I’ve been sleep?”


“I don’t know how long, no watch here, but you sleep long enough and I don’t want to wake you up”


Yunho couldn’t tell what had just happened, his wounds now was wrapped in bandaged, no more blood in his body though he still can’t freely move, pain still consume him everytime he make a single move. “You..did this to me?”


Taemin come closer and sat beside him, he lifted yunho’s hand and hold it “Yes..i asked the guard to give you medicine and blanket, i cleaned your body with warm water and sterilized your wounds when you sleep. They give me bandage to wrapped your wounds”


Yunho blink once, he can’t believe that he still alive and he glad for it. This boy just taken care of him, “Why. ?”


Taemin locked their fingers together and smiled.


“Because I’m not yet telling you what my hobby is..”


Yunho unable to voice what he was feeling, he hold the tears that swelling in his eyes “Thank you,” he heard the soft reply from yunho before the man began to shut his eyes and drove to sleep again.





“I love to dance! I have a dream to be a dancer like MJ one day!” the young boy moving his body so fast to every corner in the room, exclaim his happiness in expressive move. Yunho hardly to catch the move with his eyes, he tried to get up in careful move, right now the pain felt less than when the first time he came to prison. Taemin told yunho to not move, he knelt down in front of the other man, forcing him to meet his eyes. “I want to dance with you taemin”


He didn’t know the reason why as taemin raised one hand slowly and lifted it to touch yunho’s cheek. Yunho flinched for a second when taemin caressed his bruises in his face.


“I’ll dance with you Mr Jung, soon after you healing. I can promise you that.”


Yunho smiled, his eyes glisten with unshed tears. “Can I hug you?”


Taemin hesitate for a while but then he move forward, yunho wrapped his arms around him and held taemin close. They looked each other in the eyes for a second, taemin avoid their gaze as he could feel a blush on his cheeks.


He could feel yunho’s heartbeat against his, he close his eyes and buried his head in yunho’s embrace. Yunho humming some song that taemin forgot where he ever heard it. “What song is this?”


“Ehmm..” Yunho put his chin on taemin’s neck “It was song from drama that I watched long time ago..”


“What drama..?”


“.. secret garden..”


The younger boy raised an eyebrow at him and gave a sheepish smirk. “Why do you laugh?” yunho asked eventually.


“It’s funny to know big guy like you, a soldier, watch romantic drama like secret garden” Taemin chuckled slightly.


“Hey.. what’s wrong with drama?“ Yunho gave him puppy dog eyes and pouting lips before he started to tickling taemin. They spent minutes tickling each other but then stop when yunho jolted in pain.


Taemin eyes snap open and looked horrified at the man. Yunho moaned in pain when accidentally taemin’s elbow hit his ribs. Taemin forgot that yunho not fully recovered.


“I’m so sorry! Are you okay?” Taemin pressing his hands carefully to yunho’s body to make sure that the wounds is not open again.


Yunho bit his lip “I’m fine taemin”


“I’m sorry” Taemin hiccupped and began sobbing even though yunho telling him that he was okay. The other man leaned forward and kissed each eyelid delicately, he cupped the side of taemin’s face who leaned into the touch “I’m fine taemin.. Don’t cry, I can’t stand it to see you cry”


Taemin smile, he looked up at him and ready to say something but keep it shut when they heard the metal bars sliding open “Mr Lee Taemin!” A voice more like an order ruined their moment “I need to see you in my office Now!”


Yunho raised an eyebrow at the guard who gave him disgusted look.


“I have to go”


Before taemin rose, yunho grabbing his arms “Why Choi always asking you to his office?”


“ just a small interrogation… ” Taemin said hurriedly as he walked away with the guard. Yunho gave a suspicious glance to the guards, Choi minho, before he locked the metal bars.


Something is not right, and he doesn’t have any idea what it was. It was Taemin they always looking for, almost every night. It happened almost a month.




Yunho can’t forget how pale taemin when he come back to their cell, there was no way interrogation like taemin told him, that choi minho want from taemin. It something else, and yunho didn’t like the thought of possibility that maybe happened between them two.



Taemin followed minho, up the stairs, into the room where he was to service him. Minho took him again that night. Taemin did whatever he asked as he spread his legs as far as minho wanted. He arched up and cried out in pain when he felt minho in him. The pain was so great, Taemin couldn’t even scream. His entire body tensed, and only a few sob escaped from his mouth.



When it was all over, Taemin will clean himself before being led back to his cell. Sometime he wished he doesn’t have to return to his cell so yunho will not have an idea of what had happened here.



“Could I have more blanket and medicine?” It was the deal between them, taemin will pleasure him and minho will give everything he want.



“You’re so lucky that I’m nice to you, other guard will never treat you this nice”



Taemin was given a new blanket and more medicine for yunho.



There was no watch in prison or the window to see if it was day or night right now since they locked them in underground prison. But Taemin know that he had leave too long. Yunho probably was already fall asleep right now, the lights is turned off by other guard. It’s really dark for taemin to walk to their cell because no more lights on.



He open the metal bars slowly, as he thought yunho already sleeping. He approached yunho in slow steps. He hold pained sob coming from him as he crawled to sleep beside yunho’s. He lied on his stomach, shut his eyes and fell a sleep minutes later.


The thing is, yunho is never sleep, he opened his eyes widely and watched the teenage boy beside him. There was new blanket and other healer he brought in their cell, yunho feel like his world broken into pieces. Whatever taemin did, it must be because of him.


He had failed as a soldier, but he didn’t want to fail as a man for taemin.




Next morning, yunho move closer to metal bars. Taemin still sleeping in other corner of the room, and yunho really hope he didn’t wake up yet. He needs to talk with minho, he need to know the truth. The guard always checks the prisoner everyday. He waited until they passed their cell to speak privately to the guard and finally he coming closer.


“What are you doing to him!” Minho stopped his step and standing in front of him behind the metal bars. Yunho making sure his voice is quiet enough so taemin can’t hear them.


“What?” Minho raised an eyebrow. “Who do you think you are, talking to me in such a manner?”


“I know you did something to him” Yunho voice turned malicious. “What ever you do, make it stop!”


Minho rolled his eyes before he yanked yunho’s hair and hit his face against the metal bars “Listen! You have no power against me, whatever I did to him is not your business” Minho’s voice got higher and higher and he spat the last word at yunho. Yunho look at taemin and he practically glad that the younger boy still sleeping and didn’t hear their conversation.


“Do you want to know what I did to him?” He asked, continuing to slam yunho’s face against the metal bars.He leaned forward, lip curling in a sneer.


“You should to have heard him moan when I fuck him, the look in his place is priceless everytime I came inside him.. “


“Stop..” Yunho warned, his voice low and scared, fists trembling with anger and frustration.


“He said when I took him but yet he keep coming to my place every night. Do you know why?”


Yunho was shaking with a dizzying mixture of rage and pain, he was so furious so confused, deep in his gut was screaming at the guard to stop but he really want to know the truth, the truth that will never revealed if he ask taemin.


Minho leaned in close, whispering in his ear “He let me raped him because of you, he didn’t want to see you die. After we fucked he’ll ask for medicine for you.” A vicious smile split his face when he yunho’s expression.


“You’re useless man, you failed for your country, you can’t even protect him. If I were you, I will choose to die than to lose my honour as soldier. The world will known you as pathetic loser Jung Yunho”


Yunho’s body was beginning to tremble, his breath came faster and faster, his eyes glazing over slightly as he began to hyperventilate. The memories coming back, when sounds and images of his torturing, they beaten him and broken his leg. When their ripped his skin with their knife. He felt the fear and the pain in him again.


Choi minho is right, he is useless man, failed as a soldier. Abandoned and thrown away like garbage by his ally. Yet he still managed to live. Whole this time he thought he was the one who protect taemin, but the reality is so cruel. Taemin is the one who protect him, he sacrificed himself to make pathetic loser like him still alive. His mind filled with guilt and shame, he couldn’t breathe, he was failing man. He didn’t deserve to live.


Yunho heard the soft rustle of sheets as taemin moved to look at me “Mr Jung are you okay?” he crawling beside yunho.


“Don’t touch me!” Anger clouded his vision. Taemin taken back, for almost a month locked in this prison, he never had heard yunho shouting at him. Is he in pain? But however worse the pain felt, yunho never sounded so broken like this. He always left the pain for himself.


Taemin’s face looked terrifying, yunho move to the corner, sobbing silently. Taemin really want to hug him, he want to make all the pain away. Anything he will do to keep him from seeing yunho like this. Yunho face was so white, lifeless.


The boy looked at him, but sad nothing, his eyes filled with tears.





Punches to the face sent him stumbling to the side, tripping himself to the ground. A man standing behind him, he put his hand around his throat and tightening slowly there. “Why did you betrayed our country?” Yunho tried to clawed at the hands, his lungs burned, he couldn’t breathe, couldn’t move. “I want to live yunho, you know our country will lose this battle, I don’t want to die!” The man reach yunho’s hand and crack it.Yunho curled up, rolling into a ball. Another kicks sent into his stomach. His body aching, burning as he tried to breathe, there was a moment when yunho pray that his used to be comrade, ended his life than torture him like this.


”J..just kill me” yunho heard of laughter ringing in his ears. He used to laugh with this man, and it shook yunho that the man he thought as best friend betrayed him and now beaten him. His vision blurred when a fist landed hard to his right eye. He grabbed yunho hair and smacked it to the ground. Yunho whimper from pain, the blood downing his head.


The man knelt down beside him and started to ripped yunho skin with his knife, he pushed deeper to yunho’s body and slice his skin open. Yunho’s heart beat faster, it’s the time, his friend going to kill him and he was glad because finally he can free from this tormenting. He closed his eyes and hope this gonna be the end.


“Mr Jung?” A soft voice calling his name, “Do you need something?” Yunho open his eyes and looked at taemin who sit beside him, waiting and praying for him to wake up.


“Taemin..” he breathed heavily.


“I’m here Mr Jung..” taemin help him to get up. Yunho held his hand and tightened up his grips. “Promise me taemin, promise me whatever happened to me, you’ll stay alive”


“I.. I can’t..” he shook his head. “I can’t promise something that I can’t keep” His eyes were red, framed by dark circles from lack of sleep.


His eyes widened in panic, taemin biting his lip. He leaned forward and wrapped his arms in yunho, burying his face in his shoulder. Tears falling down quickly from his face, yunho can feel each drop wetting his shoulder.


He doesn’t know the reason why yunho talk like he will go away from him. That day they spent the day hugging each other until they fall asleep.




The next night, minho came for taemin. He follow the guard, he need more medicine for yunho and change the bandage to wrap the wounds. Yunho hold his arm before he go, pleading with his eyes not to go, sometime taemin wonder if yunho already know the truth about him.


“I’ll comeback soon Mr Jung” And he go to follow the guard.



As usual, minho will bring him up to the stairs to small room. Today it’s unusual, he has bad feeling for this. Taemin took half a step backwards, minho stood there for a long moment watching him, neither of them moving. “I..i can’t do this, I need to back to my cells” Minho stared at him and hold him “Please Mr Choi, I’ll let you use me other night but now I really need to go back”



At first minho hold him still, taemin struggled to let him free, and then minho let him go.



Taemin lose his breath, he shakily made his way to his cells. He open the metal bars and approached yunho who still curled up beneath the blanket.



“M..Mr Jung..” he rolled over yunho’s body to face him and it was surprised him. Taemin mouth hanging open and he can’t stop the tears running down his face.


Yunho, he is not breathing. There were so many bloods coming from his body. A red stain beneath him and a knife piercing his belly


“Why Mr Jung.. why..” He paused at a loss for words as well. He keep shaking yunho’s body though he knew that it was no use. “We promise to dance together….” Taemin caressed yunho’s cheek.


“You asked me to stay alive ..”


He knelt down beside yunho’s, glancing at him from the corner of his eye, and then looking at the knife. Taemin take the knife over in his hands


“And you know I can’t live without you” With trembling hands he brought the knife to his stomach and he pressed it inside. He felt the tip of the knife presses to his stomach. Blood flowing from his skin, hot on his flesh, he was panting now and he press harder.


Taemin smiled.


He lay beside yunho. There was no pain as he felt the blood in front of his shirt. He holds yunho’s hands and whisper.


“I love you Mr Jung.. let’s meet again in another life”



And the world began to go black.