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Frozen ~ Chapter 6

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Warning : This is Yunho x Taemin (Yuntae) and Yunho x Karam (Yunram) fanfic, don’t read if you don’t like this pairing, whatever enjoy ~

Poster by ~ KimchiJungie

Fanfic by ~Boongie

Nothing can erase the agonizing memories, nothing can cure the pain, it was as if yesterday it occurred. Everything change, since his mother passed away, yunho decided to ask Taemin to live together in his apartment. Karam happy with his presence, he has totally different attitude with him.

Taemin in his eyes was a very independent and cheerful person. Although with all the misery that has happened to him he could still smile and has passion for life. It feel so alive around him, he can break the silence everytime they have dinner together, eventhough sometimes now karam feel like strangers between them.

They sit together and looked at one another. Just a glance, eyes locking for a moment, and then they drifted their eyes back down to their dinner. Taemin put the chopsticks on the table after finished chewing his food, then ask karam about his school.

Karam attempted to make small talk, he never talk much before, but he force himself that day to talk as much small talk as his imagination would permit without his conversation coming as unintelligent joke. There is awkward moment when yunho can’t stop looking at him but listen to him without winking, he talk about how his school life is, about mika, about his teacher who always spit when he talk, about everything that karam never told before make yunho smile so happy to know new things about his young brother life. Small talk that reflects what life would be all about, a moment which finished all too soon yet was filled with more pleasure than talking forever. A moment when karam wish to be only both of them right now.

“I have finished my dinner, let’s sleep..” Taemin rise from his seat, staring at karam for a while then hold yunho hands to come with him to their room. Yunho nodded then replied
“Go ahead I have to wash the dishes first”

“Let me help you hyung..” karam insist to help yunho bring dirty plate to the kitchen. See them getting closer, make Taemin uneasy.

Taemin rolled over in bed, the sheets twisting themselves around him, it had been a month since he live here. How many nights had he lain just like this before, waiting for yunho to come, a wicked grin on his face as he prepared to crawl on top of him? How often had he closed his eyes and imagined his scent, wafting through the air, warm body who hug him from behind almost everynight.

When Yunho arms wrapped around him, the tightness of his embrace, all of them make taemin want to make him for himself alone. Taemin love yunho so much it felt his heart would burst, would erupt like a volcano, spewing adoration, devotion, all over the place. He knew that yunho love him too but not as lover, not as brothers too, taemin for him maybe just simply sex buddies. Tonight he witnessed it again, the way yunho saw karam so tenderly, taemin knew that karam has feeling for yunho too, only time until karam tell his true feeling.

So what should he do if that happen? He has no one, only yunho, and if yunho threw him away he probably decide to end his life because it’s meaningless for him to continue his life. Tears formed in his eyes, flooding the scene before him, nothing’s gonna change, Yunho heart forever will be karam’s. They had been so good, had seemed so perfect for each other.

Let me have him, God please .. let me belonged to someone else.. belonged for him

Yunho open the door and lay beside him, “why are you crying tae..?”

“Nothing hyung.. I just miss my mom..” he wipe his tears and turn his body. Yunho hug his waist and lean his body closer when he see the younger man shoulders shaking. He really thought that taemin can get rid of his sadnees of losing his mother, never have any idea that it was him who make taemin cried.

“Tae.. you always have me, I will never let you alone..” yunho whispered, It’s cruel the mind, relentless, unforgiving. The way it creep in when least expected, that familiar burning deep in his stomach. It almost makes taemin sick. He can’t help but imagine the unimaginable. Ponder things that he really doesn’t wish to know. taemin squeezed shut his eyelids against the onslaught of crazy thought to separate yunho and karam away.

He will always be first
No matter what I do
He will always be your greatest
And I your number two


Yunho didn’t think of himself as a bad man but as a good man who did some very bad things. Men do bad things for love. People do bad things for love, and Yunho is in love with the most beautiful man in the world, his own step brother, karam.

No much work today that’s why he can home early. He heard someone singing along to a song that played by radio while he keep staring at the sunset through the balcony. Yunho looking at him, he look so beautiful more than the sunset itself. He had his step mother’s eyes and the colour of his hair darker than than sky at the night.

It’s often for karam to sit alone gazing the view of sunset from here, looking back at his family portrait trying to remember all of things he has missed and sing his favorit song when no one around.

“ 내생에 단 한번의 사랑아 .. 안녕 “ karam sighed he turn his body and surprised that his hyung was watching him all this time.

“Ah hyung.. you home?” karam bite his lower lips then smiled shyly. Yunho returned his smile and step closer to him.

“Insa ..? you like that song?” karam nodded, he try so hard to hide his face because it’s embarrassing for him that someone heard him sing, and his hyung smile only made his heart beaten faster. Yunho slowly reach his brother hand and lean karam close to him, wrapping his arms about him and gently holding him.

There is a whisper of a deep sigh from karam as the unexpected closeness sent a shiver of excitement, mix with sheer anticipation. They stood there whispering to each other softly. Karam felt a blush coloring his cheeks when yunho took the crook of his finger to tilt his gaze towards his. The wind caressed as they snuggled in a little closer to each other. They stood there smiling at each other and letting the moment settle in around them.

Karam buried his face on yunho arms, both relishing their close proximity each for their own reasons but jointly they enjoyed being in each other embrace.


Taemin just home, he drop his bag to the ground and searching for his spare key, he forget where he left it. He want to push the bell but hold it when he realized that the door is unlocked. He took off his shoes and step inside. He walked quietly to the hall, as he reached the living room he grasped the door knob and eased open the door. Taemin saw two other man facing each other in balcony. Yunho caressed karam cheek then kiss his forehead. He pull the other man to his embrace and whisper many times “I love you.. ”

The quick beating of his heart assured taemin of that fact that this is the end. There was no explanation, no reasoning for this heartache. Yunho has decide his choice.

Karam saw taemin watching them and taemin noticed that he was pretending not to notice him at the same time.

He turn his body and leave them alone, he doesn’t know where to go, doesn’t know what to do. Everyone look at him now, he is crying but keep walking, not even try to cover his face, he want everyone to know how hurt he is right now. He should knew from the start that yunho belonged to karam, but love that yunho show to him make taemin can’t just ignore him. He wonder if Yunho feel the same to karam as he did to him.

Does he feel the same to you? His arms around you, his breathe on your neck. Do you taste and smell the same to him? When he look at you in the eyes does he see what I see?

Does he make you laugh? I did remember? Do you stare into his eyes with that look of hunger and seduction that I know all too well? Do you breathe in him when he’s pressed against you? God I feel sick. Well do you? I know every inch of that body.

It’s cruel really vicious. Taemin wish he could stop it, the cruel perversion of his mind obsessed with, the wondering and imagination that he cursed with. Sickening emotions at inopportune times and vivid flashes that plague his mind and eyes. Taemin wish he could stop them, he wish he can forget. Taemin knew from the start that all his good memory with yunho were destined for remembrances only.

You said it was destiny that has brought us together. Your love for me felt so real and perfectly true

You are constantly on my mind all the time. Your the first person I think when I awake

I let my self lost in you, let my self believe that one day you finally realized..That you love me too

The stupid side of me keep hoping and praying that you will choose to be mine. I never imagined that it would cause such a pain

You say that your heart only for him, but why you keep saying that I’m yours ?

You are too selfish hyung, you hurt both of us. It’s not mine or karam’s fault

It was yours

Someday maybe it all will stop

You see the problem is I love you

And it kills me the thought .. That someone else will hold you and love you and worship you like I do

It hurts that he will see the things that only I could see and go where only I could go

That the things that we did somebody else will know

Hyung please just let me go.. don’t say “I love you” to me again.. don’t say you will always stand by my side forever

Let me wake up from this beautiful dream

I pray that the love that you choose will truly last

Let me say it for the last time..

“I love you my Jung Yunho”

Yunho put his phone aside, everything surrounds him become so blur after he read taemin message.

Even that time when the wind stays
Its not enough for me.
I smile one more time and give my final greeting
I love you
I am tired now and love hurts but
Even if that time is just a memory
I have to give my final greeting
I love you, I love you

Fly away Fly away Love
In the afterlife I will greet my love again
Insa (Kim Jaejoong)

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