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Warning : AU/Angst/NC 17/Mpreg


Pairing : Yunho/ Jaejoong (Yunjae), Yunho/ Taemin (Yuntae), Yunho/ Changmin (Homin)


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Yunho date jaejoong for almost a year in their high school, both deeply in love, they ignore the biggest border between them, yunho coming from wealthy family while jaejoong just an orphan, yunho reassured him that he will accept jaejoong no matter what,


When jaejoong sure that this love will last forever, he was wrong. Suddenly yunho changed, he become so cold and avoid jaejoong, he thought the other man just need more space for himself. One day jaejoong found himself that he is pregnant with yunho’s child. The reaction from yunho is so far away from what he expected. Yunho refused to responsible and told jaejoong to abort the child.

Jaejoong told him that he aborted the child, but what will happen when yunho find out that jaejoong never aborted the child seventeen years ago.






Chapter 2


 “Stop staring at me” Jaejoong mumbled between his sleep.


“Can’t help, you’re too beautiful” Yunho teased and slipped his arms around jaejoong waist. Jaejoong woke up with a huge smile on his face and saw yunho face who laying beside him, yunho smiled and tenderly stroked jaejoong’s hair. He leaned closer and kiss the other man forehead “I can’t live without you jae”


Jaejoong smiled “Me too yunho, how do I live without you?” they stared each other, and minutes before yunho caught jaejoong to kiss his lips, then he started to lick his ears make jaejoong shivered.


“Take me yunho..”



With that, yunho smiled and rolled on top of jaejoong, his lips ghosted over jaejoong’s mouth, he noticed jaejoong’s sensitive spot on his neck and sucked on it. Jaejoong moaned and opened his legs, he felt yunho hard length against him. Yunho stroked over jaejoong chest and when his lips found a nipple, he sucked it so hard like hungry beast.



“I can’t give you milk even though you sucked on it so hard” Jaejoong sighed.



“Not really milk, but I can get “other” milk from you” Yunho said as he start to stripping jaejoong and grabbed his cock in his hand.



“Per..vert.” Jaejoong can’t finish his word properly when he felt yunho’s mouth swallow his cock, he started bobbing his head and taking more of it into his mouth.



“Yun..ho.. ah.” Jaejoong put a grip on yunho’s hair, the other man sucked deeper into his mouth, he could feel jaejoong’s precum leaking from the tip of the cock. It’s salty but yet tasted delicious, he wants to feel more, he wants to swallow it all.  



“S..stop..Yunho pleas.e..stop teasing” Jaejoong pleaded, yunho stop his movement “Please make love to mer”



“Very well my prince..” Yunho grinned, he continued to kiss jaejoong chest, leave another kiss mark, his finger teased his nipples, make other man below him moaning in frustration.






“Don’t be angry my prince, my cock is here to serve you ” Yunho chuckled and pressed his hips down. He opened jaejoong’s legs wider, one finger slowly entering jaejoong ring muscle, jaejoong tensed when he felt another fingers entering him. Yunho pushed his fingers in and out in same rhythm. When he felt it was enough, he retreat his fingers and looked at jaejoong.



“Ready?” Yunho whispered in jaejoong’s ear and positioned himself at jaejoong’s entrance. The other man nodded. He pushed in one deep thrust, both of them moaned loudly, jaejoong doesn’t care if people who live in this same building will hear them.



“Ohh..God.. you’re so tight jae” Yunho pulled back before slamming into jaejoong’s body again, the other man grabbed the sheet, another hard thrust push inside his body and he moaned again when yunho hit his prostate, jaejoong arching his back off the bed. Desperate to feel more, jaejoong locked his legs around yunho’s waist and pushed down when yunho snapped his hips forwards.


“Do you want to come honey?” Yunho whispered in his ear


 “Ughh.. yes..”



“If you want to come then you have to beg me for it jae” He slammed his cock further inside, making jaejoong crazier.



“Please..Ah.. there.. hit it again..” Jaejoong began to beg “Please yunho let..let me come” He didn’t care what he had to do as long as yunho still fuck him hard and allowed him to come. Yunho smirked, sweat was dripping from his bodies “Come with me jae”


Yunho pressed his mouth on his lips and forced his tongue in, jaejoong grabbed his cock and stroked it harder and faster. “Ugh..Ahh Yunhooo” He came hard screaming yunho’s name, his seed leaking between his stomach and yunho’s chest.


“Jae..jae..” Yunho felt jaejoong wall tightened between his cock, he give a few more thrusts, and in one last hard thrust, he came inside jaejoong. He fell next to jaejoong and panted.


“I love jae..i love you”




Tell me why, why did I end up falling in love with you

There isn’t anybody else, you’re the only one for me

If only you had known

I’ve felt the same for you



“Oh my God..” Yunho said as realization hit him square in the chest. He put his hand to cover his mouth. Jaejoong glaring at yunho, his body trembling uncontrollably, his face filled with shock and terror. Memories came flooding back, overwhelming him with images of pain, betrayal, and tears.



“ taemin our..”



“No!” Jaejoong cut him before yunho finish his words, he began to hyperventilate, his head spinning with the overload of feeling “No words spoken about us, you’re death for me yunho! Get out!” He pushed the other man from his house and slammed the door so hard in his face.



“Oh my God..oh my God” Jaejoong felt his body become weak as he fell to sit in the floor, his breath came faster, he was to caught up in the painful memories, all this time he spent his time to running away from his past but the destiny tricked him, just a minutes before he just met a guy who destroyed him completely.



“Hyung!” Taemin rushed towards him “What happened hyung” Taemin eyes grow wider as he watch his hyung sitting on the floor and the tears running down his face, he never saw his hyung like this, not in his whole life, “What happened hyung?” he repeated his question again” And where is Mr Jung?“



“I’m okay taemin, I just ..i ..” He lost his words, and taemin become more suspicious ”I just got a call saying that my friend died”



“Your friend?” Taemin narrowed his eyes, jaejoong nodded.



“Yes.. that’s why I cried and sit here on the floor” Taemin help jaejoong to stand up.


“So if it was the case, why did Mr Jung leave?” He asked his brother again.


Jaejoong sighed “He said he has something to do in hospital that’s why he left” taemin raise one of his eyebrow, jaejoong knew that his brother, No, his son, didn’t believe him, but he avoid more question from him and just walk away to his room.



Taemin bit his lip, his head full of question, he wonder what really happened between his hyung and yunho while he changing his clothes in his room.



“Damn it!” Yunho throw his car keys into the table, he loosened his tie, Taemin, there is 98% possibility that he is his son. Yunho threw his body onto the sofa in his living room.



Why did jaejoong lied to him, why? Wait, is this the right time to blame him? Isn’t he should be the one who have to blame here! It was his fault! Jaejoong carried and raised taemin by himself, and now he accused him for a lie?



Yunho massaging his forehead, it was too sudden for him, jaejoong was his biggest mistake in his life, even after seventeen year, he can’t tell if he really love jaejoong because he knew that he felt something different for jaejoong. He remembered the time in his high school how jealous he can be when he saw jaejoong laughing together with his friends. He always jealous to everyone who made jaejoong smiled.



“You’re home yunho?” The other man turning his head toward the voice, it was changmin who standing in front of their bedroom door, wearing silky robe to cover his naked body.



“So I can’t go home to my own house?” Yunho answered him with sarcastic tone.



Changmin slumped into a chair nearby and sighed. “It just rare that you are home this early, you always late”



Yunho sighed, he always feel uneasy near changmin “Please changmin, I’m too tired to start arguing today” He said annoyed.



“Now you’ve lost me yunho, who said I want to argue with you?” Changmin asked terribly confused, he shifted from his chair and sit in yunho’s lap ”Don’t forget yunho, though I can’t yet give you heir, I’m still your wife”



Changmin bent down and kissed yunho on the lips, the older man didn’t responded, knowing this, changmin pushed his warm tongue slip in. Changmin nibbled at yunho’s lower lips softly, and he succeed to make his husband let out a surprised moan and lost in the heat. Changmin undo his robe and his flawless skin totally exposed for his husband, he brings yunho’s hand to caress his chest and play with his nipples.



“I’m tired changmin..” yunho said pleading asked the other man to stop seducing him.



“Don’t you miss my body? You used to be so crazy to have sex with me every day” Changmin keep kissing yunho’s neck, leave his kiss mark there. “He slipped his hand up into yunho’s hair “You like it when my tight ass squeezing your cock yunnie” Changmin caressed the roof of yunho’s mouth with his tongue “And I like it when your cum dripping from my ass after you came inside me”



Yunho moaned when changmin unzipped his trousers and stroked his cock so gently, his movement didn’t stop till there, changmin gripped his neck and pulled him closer to deepen the kiss with the other hand. Yunho looked at changmin, his wife’s legs now spread open between his waist.



His wife still incredibly beautiful, his slim figure, his pinky nipples he love to suck, his perfect body’s line and his ass still tight as ever. Yunho wanted him. For a moment he try to forget about his past, about his life, about himself, about jaejoong and his new found son.



Yunho leaned and kiss him, changmin knew what his husband wants, he lift himself over and put yunho’s cock in his ass.



“Ughh..” changmin slammed himself down, yunho moaned for the heat surrounding his cock. Changmin wrapped his arms around his neck and crashed his lips to his. He back to lifted himself up and slowly back down again. Yunho can’t take the slow pace, he lifted changmin up and slammed him back down as he thrust up.



Changmin threw his head back and moaned when yunho hit his spot. “Gosh..yes..there..again”



It turns to be yunho who took complete control, he lifting him up and slamming back down all over again making changmin cry out for him every time yunho’s cock hit his spot. “Harder..harder”



It felt too good changmin rode him faster as yunho hit his spot with each deeper thrust.



But for both it was not enough, changmin was crying out for more, he started shuddering when he felt his climax getting closer, he wants yunho to go faster and deeper.



Yunho noticed how changmin love rough sex, he can read unsatisfied expression from his wife’s face. He pulled out his cock and before changmin say anything for the lost feeling of cock from his ass, he pinned changmin’s body underneath him, he was positioned his cock against changmin’s hole.



“Oh..” Changmin felt yunho’s cock pressing at his enterance and then slammed hard inside him, he moaned out as yunho pulled out again and slammed fully back. “Yes faster..” he demanded, yunho heard it and he started thrusting, with this position his cock can buried deeper, he move faster and harder over and over again.


Changmin stroked his cock as yunho increased his speed. “Yunho!!!” Changmin scream was heard throughout the whole house, didn’t care if the house keeper can heard them having sex. His body shaking as he exploded his seed onto the sofa.



He felt yunho shuddered against him as he came inside, both now catching their breath.



Minutes later, yunho fall on top of him, changmin laughed when he realize that his husband already drifted to sleep. He get up carefully from him, amazing sensation hit him when yunho’s seed drowning from his ass. Changmin put his robe to cover yunho’s body, he kiss yunho’s forehead before he went to take a shower, again. And that was the time when he heard yunho muttering something between his sleep, he leaned closer and heard the words, that names.



Jaejoong. That bitch.





Taemin was bored, tired and confused. Tomorrow is Monday, and heaven know how much he hate Monday because classed just started up again before he could enjoy his weekend. “Homework!” he gets up from his bed and check his book “Damn it how can I forget it! Now that crazy teacher will punish me tomorrow!” He sighed, it was math and he hates this subject so much! Well he hate all subject but math totally the one he hate the most.



“Must be from my father’s brain why I’m so weak on this subject” taemin threw the book he was trying to read on the floor. He prefer punishment than to finish his homework.



He looked at the clock in the wall, it was 10.00 pm, he should to sleep minutes later. But before he can shut his eyes another thought bubbling in his head, he remembered about his hyung who cried earlier, did something happen between his hyung and yunho? Maybe he can ask yunho about the real thing happened.



After a few minutes of frowning, he grabs his cell phone, and dial yunho’s number, but he canceled it seconds later, considering that the doctor must be sleeping at this hour. So instead he writes a message to him.



To : Old man

Oppa why you suddenly left today? I have thing to ask you, can we have lunch together again later?



Taemin push send button, he smiling like a girl, before he going to sleep, he open his photo’s folder in his cellphone and pick one pic.



It was the yunho’s pic, he always looks at his picture he took secretly before going to sleep.



“Good night oppa, I love you “


He said before he fell back onto his pillow to sleep.












~to be continue