Warning : This is Yunho x Taemin (Yuntae) fanfic. Seriously if you dislike this pairing why do you even care to visit this blog? Whatever enjoy (It should be one shot but too long so I cut it into two parts) three parts XD gomen i’m too excited and edit some scene XD




Chapter 2/2    2/3



Pairing : Yunho x Taemin (Yuntae)


Author : Boongie


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Yunho fell in love with his best friend younger brother, Taemin. The problem is taemin only look at him as brother.









“Hyung! Yunho hyung!” Little taemin suddenly grabbed the older boy’s hand and asked to follow him.





“What happened taeminie?” asked yunho confused but he still followed little boy.




Then they stop at the big tree beside his house, he pointed at something “Hyung, help that kitty, he trapped in a branch” Taemin was near to tears.




At first yunho was little bit hesitant because the tree quiet high, but seeing how sad taemin when he saw that kitten make him felt helpless. He never wins against this cute little boy.




Yunho climbed the tree, he tried to rescue that little kitten. He got the kitten and put it in his arms, he slowly went down the tree but then he slipped off and fell on to the ground.




“Auchh ..” he shrieked in pain, his head hit the ground. The kitten runs away from his arms. Yunho glad that kitten is fine.





“Hyung..hyung..” Yunho heard taemin called his name and after that he passed out. He broke his arms, and spent whole week in his bed. When heechul visit him, taemin hide behind him, there is sorrow and guilty in his eyes.





“Taemin come here, don’t hide behind the door.. You said you want to meet yunho hyung?” Ask heechul.




Behind the door, Yunho saw little taemin standing there, shooking his head. “Taeminie don’t you missed me?” Yunho smiled to him. Taemin didn’t answered him.



The boy is sobbing.



Yunho get up from his bed and walked to him “Taeminie, I’m fine.. you don’t have to feel guilty because I want to save that kitten too”




“I’m sorry hyung.. I’m sorry” Yunho wiped his tears then hugged him with one broken arm. “It’s okay baby.. it’s okay”


..It’s okay..







Taemin giggling when he remembered it, it was happened in his young age when he around six. He always be such a spoiled baby around yunho. He sighed, he really missed yunho. How much longer he has to wait to meet him again.



Tonight he came home quite late, his mother asked him to buy something at the grocery store. He keep walking that night like he normally did. As he began to cross the street, he heard horn screeching as his body slammed on to the car.




It happened in short time, he didn’t even realize what’s going on. The last thing he remembered was the broken glass that rained down towards him. Then the screaming from a woman he never knew. People surrounding him and try to help him. The smell of gas filled the air as strong arms began to pull him out. There was a lot of blood, and it was coming from him, his forehead was bleeding he can feel it flow from his head. And after that, he passed out.








“Hyung ..“


Yunho turn his body towards the voice who called him.


“Taemin..?” he said surprised “When did you wake up?” He hugged the other boy into his embrace but the boy pushed him away. Yunho stared at him confused.


“Don’t touch me hyung.. “ Taemin said coldly.


“But why taemin? I don’t understand ..”Yunho approached him and tried to hold him again. “I.. I love you taemin”


Taemin stepped back, “I don’t ! I hate you hyung.. You’re the one who make me suffered like this, stay away from me!” He pointed at yunho, the boy’s face was very upset. When Yunho approached him, the boy had run away from him in the darkness.


“Taemin..!” He shouted






“Taemin!” Yunho opened his eyes, cold sweat dripping from his face. He looked around.


“Shit..” he cursed, “What a nightmare”



It was 06.30 in the morning. It was really really scary dream. For the first time in his life he felt thankful to alarm clock for waking him up.



He forgot that he is in his house now, heechul forbid him to stay a day longer in hospital since he hasn’t return home after he was comeback. “Two days is enough for you to look after him.. Now go home and have some rest for you, you don’t want to look like zombie when taemin wake up right?” that was what heechul said and after that he stop to argue with heechul and went back to his house.



He gets up from his bed and takes his morning shower. The cold water hit his head, he closed his eyes. He thought about the nightmare he had.



What if that dream come true..



What if taemin hate him ? What should I do if taemin doesn’t want to see me again after I hurts him



No.. I shouldn’t think it that far..



After that shower fresh, yunho got a call from Heechul said that Taemin had regained consciousness. He rushing to the hospital.



When Yunho got to the hospital, he saw heechul and his parents waiting outside the room.



“How is he chullie?” he blurted out



“We still waiting for the doctor to come out to explain it to us” heechul said, anxiety seen from his face.



Minutes later, the doctor came out from the room as he walked up to them.



“What’s wrong with Taemin?” Yunho grabbed the Dr by his shoulder, Heechul pulled yunho and asked him to calm down.



The doctor clears his throat “Patient Lee, he seems had lost his sight after the accident”



“What..” The four of them gasped, giving same reaction



“No!” screamed heechul’s mom as she began to cry. Heechul and his father hug her.



Yunho dumbfounded, tears began to roll freely down his cheek, his mouth widely open, his taemin, his baby taemin now will live forever in the dark. He will never see the world again.




His heart skipped, shoulders tensed when he heard taemin sobbing inside the room. Yunho stood at the door, watching the younger boy he loved cried.




“Mom, Dad was I blind?? Why can’t I see you” Taemin strangling grip on the bed sheets. Darkness enveloped everything around him.




His parents sobbing so hard, taemin get up from his bed but he tripped, he landed his face on the floor. He staggered to get up, Heechul help him but then taemin pushed his brother away from him.




After some struggling, taemin finally got to his feet. He looked around noticing that the world has changed, everything was nothing but black. He stood there and crying, his father tried to comfort him but heechul stop him. Taemin need time to adjust himself with his condition.




“Where are you mom” sobs “I can’t see you”



Taemin stunned, he froze in disbelief. Frustrated, he started to break all stuff nearby. Heechul runs to hold taemin body firmly when his younger brother getting hysterical.




His wrist bleeding because Taemin forced remove the infusion needle from his hand.





“Get out! Get out from here! Leave me alone!” He screaming, heechul almost lose his balance when taemin struggling to break free, heechul folded his hand behind his back. “I don’t want to live like this!! Let me die!”




Yunho was unable to move, his heart is broken when he see taemin hysterics like that. Nurses come close to taemin, heechul hold him tightly, Taemin finally settled down after they injected him. Heechul lays taemin body into the bed.





Can’t watch any longer, taemin’s mom collapsed, mr. lee carried her in his embrace. Heechul helped his dad.




“Yunho please watch taemin, ..”



Yunho nodded.




The nurses go after tidy up the messy stuff.




The younger boy lay on the bed, Yunho made quiet noise to make his presence known.




Taemin started to hyperventilate. Yunho looked at him and his eyes met taemin’s and stayed on him, but taemin staring blankly at him. Yunho walked toward him, his eyes never leaving taemin’s.




“Mom? Is that you?” he was a little tired and felt the feeling of suffocation



Yunho didn’t answer, taemin pouted his lips.



“Mom.. ?”he asked again.




Yunho sit on the edge of the bed. He caressed taemin’s cheek, it was pretty as ever. He looks like an angel.




Taemin take his hand and held yunho. His hand is shaking. He knew this hand, he knew this beautiful fingers. Taemin’s lips trembling as he started to notice who it was.




“Yunho hyung..i..is. that you?”




While taemin held his hand, yunho think he can’t hold his tears again. He tried so hard to make his voice steady. He leaning in just enough to whisper “It’s me taemin..”




“Hyung… “ Taemin gasping for breath and he started to cry. Yunho kissed him on his cheek and after that taemin went to sleep. He unconscious after heavily sedated. Yunho tighten up his grip and stay beside him.





“I’m sorry taemin, I’m sorry to make you sad, I promise I will never leave you again”






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